Mr. J and the MountainMan have another guest this week! 1 day away from TORONTO COMIC! Who? What? Where? Creator the Crow, James O'Barr! Yes, Mr. J did squee. And yes, James O'Barr laughed at him. But that is fine! The MountainMan did not need to slap Mr. J so we made it through it just fine! They discusses Technology, Rolodexes and banking! How odd! But amazing all at the same time! James is quite the epic person! Give this a listen!


With only a few days before Toronto ComicCon, Mr. J and the MountainMan provided all of you a treat! Guests on the show!? OMG. Yes, mind=blown! Not just any guest, but Comic Book Artist Andy Belanger(Follow on twitter @AndyBelanger) to talk about the recent release of the epic Sci Fi Horror SOUTHERN CROSS! But little did Droids Canada know but Becky Cloonan(Follow on twitter @Beckycloonan) was in the background! They also discuss Dc storylines, past work on other comics, stuff and THANGS! You should be going to your local comic book store now and picking up this epic comic, Southern Cross! Dont break in!, Wait till they are open and buy a copy. Geesh. Anyways, follow them on twitter and love some awesome Sci Fi Horror Goodness!

Our first year as member of the media for March's Toronto Comic Con! During this Comic Con we interviewed London Batman, Andy Belanger(Creator of Southern Cross), James O'barr(creator of the Crow), Comic book Artists Nick Bradshaw/David Ross and we met our friends at! It was a great weekend hanging with MA Tamburro and of course Doctor Andrew Chalmers! Check it out!


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