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  • Todd Puhl

Trailer Park Boys Animated Series

Nova Scotia's favorite miscreants have always been super sketchy. Now, carrying on from the Season 12 finale, the boys have become complete cartoons.’

IMDb 7.8/10 Rotten Tomatoes 87%

The animated series takes place after Season 12 when they are all in jail and have recently ingested a metric fuckton of mushrooms and turn into cartoon characters.  At first they are trying to get back to the real world but that premise is dropped pretty quick. They really add some additional antics with the animated part of the series.  Cory loses a hand after a crash and they deal with trying to put it back on. Trevor breaks his neck in a crash and has his head on backwards for a good portion of an episode. So the animated idea gives the writers some added ideas and also allows them to keep a classic character that had recently passed away in the form of Mr. Lahey who appears to Randy like a genie out of a liquor bottle.

The series continues with the idea of the get rich quick schemes and over the top antics.  Even in the animated form it really holds true to the idea of the original live action show they even bring in a number of the b-level characters like Marguerite, Barb and the yahoo that constantly yells to keep it down in his robe and underwear.  The animated series revitalizes the gang and crew of the Trailer Park Boys. It was starting to wear a bit thin in the later seasons and wouldn’t have been the same without Lahey. This series gives a new look and fresh energy that Trailer Park Boys needed after the loss of some of the cast due to various reasons.

The one thing that carries over from the original series to the animated series as well is the quality of the series.  The live-action series was set up as a mockumentary and done with a pretty low budget but being based out of the trailer park it made sense to it all.  The animated series also isn’t a top notch quality cartoon. But then again it appears a lot of animated series that have come out recently have been made in a poor quality style just take a look at others like BoJack Horseman, Big Mouth and F is For Family and you will see what I mean.   If you are a fan of original series then I have a feeling that you will be following suit and getting around to watching the animated series.  If you are a hit and miss Trailer Park Boys fan and have seen some of it but not necessarily all of it you will probably enjoy the animated version and the additional over the top antics of the boys of Sunnyvale.  Where else can you have an episode that deals with a tapeworm that eats pepperoni, removed from Ricky’s body and kept as a pet but in the animated world of Trailer Park Boys

The Mountain Man’s final thought is that this particular version of the Trailer Park Boys isn’t exactly the same as the live action series.  At times if you were just listening to it that you couldn’t distinguish the difference between the live action and the animated series. Certain instances you would know for example the tapeworm episode but regardless I did enjoy this particular offering from the Sunnyvale crew.  Would I prefer another live-action series? Absolutely, but only if they could find the magic they had in the earlier seasons. Would I watch another season or two of the animated series if it were along the lines of this one then it’s a yes from me.

3.5 Beards out of 5

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