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Todd and Dan Vs The World: Bar Down with Revive The Rose

For our first show, we had Andy and Pete from amazing band, Revive The Rose, join us! We discuss their hit song, Bar Down being put on the NHL21 soundtrack, touring stories, their new lager venture, and much more!

Be sure to hit them up on the social medias and check them out on Spotify! What are you doing? GIVE EM A RIP BAHD.

Niagara hard rock band Revive the Rose and Taps Brewhouse have teamed up to give you the all new 'Bar Down Lager'. This crisp, easy drinking Lager is infused with rosehips and hibiscus flowers. With a rose red colour, floral aromas and a complex, berry flavour - Bar Down Lager is the perfect beer for a fall outdoor concert or a starter before the game! 5%. Get yours here online:

GOTO WHEREVER YOUR HEAR THIS PODCAST(such as Spotify, apple podcasts, google play, stitcher radio, and others), AND GIVE US A 5 STAR REVIEW!!

Would be nice and maybe we will talk about ya on the show for doing so!

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