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The Silence

So imagine this for a second. What if we put “A Quiet Place,” Bats and Bird Box on a blind date to see what would happened. Well, wonder no further because the abomination known as “The Silence” was born. Netlfix continues with their “B-Rated” movie line by adding in another film which is clearly a rip off of 2 successful films and one wit Lou Diamond Phillips. Was Lou busy for this film or?

As of this writing the Tomatometer had it at 92%, Metacritic was at 68% and IMDB was at 7.6/10.

The Cast:


Stanley Tucci

as Hugh Andrews (Lucky Number Slevin)


Kiernan Shipka

as Ally Andrews


Miranda Otto

as Kelly Andrews (Lord of The Rings)


Kate Trotter

as Lynn (Lost Girl)


John Corbett

as Glenn (Sex in the City)


Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

as Jude Andrews

· Dempsey Bryk as Rob

· Billy MacLellan as The Reverend

Only a handful of somewhat known actors. Everyone knows Stanley Tucci, but I don’t recall him with a lead role prior to this. I wont doubt he had one, I personally have never seen it.

The Recap:

When the world is under attack from creatures who hunt their human prey by sound, a teenager who lost her hearing at 13, and her family, seek safety in a remote refuge. However, they discover a cult who are eager to exploit her heightened senses.

The good:

· Maybe the gore you did see?

The bad:

· A regurgitated storyline that has been retold god only knows how many times already

· Where there is an apocalypse there is always a cult.

· Doesn't hide the fact that it is a shameless clone of A Quiet Place and Bird Box

· The ending was not fulfilling

· In a world that everyone was being torn to shreds and separated by their loved ones, the girl’s “Boyfriend” somehow finds her?

· The whole side story as to why Ally was deaf was laughable at best. Conveniently the family the story focuses on can all speak sign language and she speaks perfectly fine

· She has the uncanny ability to hear when the vesps are coming even tho she is deaf?

· You killed a dog in this film, what would John Wick say?

Things that stood out:

It didn’t stand out. They pop out another generic “Thriller horror” film at a time that is just flooded with hundreds of these clones. I only watched this film because I was killing time to Game Of Thrones came on to be honest.

Why we should watch or not watch it:

Watch Brickleberry. Its crude and over the top. But at least it’s worth the watch.

Rating: .5/5Stars

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