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Spiderman; Far from Home

The next installment to Tom Holland as being the Spiderman was met with a lot of praise and success. I can honestly say that I was very skeptical because sequels normally tend to go down hill over time. However, since I saw Tom in Civil War, I was 100% he has been the best Peter Parker casting.. ever.

As of this writing the Tomatometer had it at 90%, Metacritic was at 69% and IMDB was at 7.9/10.

The Cast:

Tom Holland returns as Peter Parker with its usual cast of characters, such as Marisa Tomei(Aunt May), Samuel L, Jackson(Nick Fury), Jacob Batalon(Ned Leeds), Cobie Smuthers(Agent Hill) and of course, Jon Favreau as Happy.

Jack Gyenhall joins the cast as the next Sinister Six member to join the franchise as Mysterio which starts off as a hero but we all know, that was a lie.

The Recap:

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.

The film takes place 5 years after “The Blip” and starts off as a memorial for the great Tony Stark and Peter Parkers inability to move on from his death. He tried the super hero thing and felt it was time that he try and be a teenager. He continues his love story with Mary Jane who was introduced as a swerve at the end of Homecoming and the movie story is wrapped around him trying to do something romantic for MJ.

The story was extremely well written and even tho it was obvious who the villain was, it was done in such a way that it was still surprising. Furthermore, it was very impressive that they found a way to involve key characters from Tony’s past films to be part of this story.

The good:

· Tom Holland continues to shine as Peter Parker. The most believable Spiderman to date.

· The story was very well written. Made it very seamless from the events of EndGame and explained everything so that it made sense

· Jack Gyenhall version of Mysterio was absolutely amazing and took a C-list Villain and made him a A-List villain with ease IMO

· Definately the best film to kick off the post Endgame storylines. I do not think any other character could have made it that good

The bad:

· Nothing

Why we should watch it:

· Film kept you on the edge of your seat

· Absolutely hilarious

· I have seen it thrice because of how well it was done

Last thought:

Easily the best Spiderman film since Enter the Spiderverse and the only reason it loses to Spiderverse because it had multiple Spidermen that were casted correctly. But the best live action Spiderman film with ease.

I recently also watched the extended cut to have an excuse to watch it again in theatres. Worth it!


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