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  • Todd Puhl

In the Shadow of the Moon

The Concept:

Netflix drops an enticing film concept that lead you to believe that this was a werewolf or vampire inspired film that spans over decades. Curiosity got the best of me and mainly because Michael C. Hall was in the film, I decided to give it a shot because I couldn’t sleep one night.

As of this writing the Tomatometer had it at 65%, and IMDB was at 6.2/10

The Cast:

The cast is primarily made of unknown actors except for Michael C. Hall and Boyd Holdbrook. Boyd you came to know as Donald |Pierce in the intense final installment of the Wolverine franchise. Whereas, Michael C. Hall is known worldwide as the serial Killer from Showtimes Dexter.

They play characters intertwined as in laws as Boyd’s character marries Michael’s sister and on the night of the murders, she gives birth to his daughter but passes away due to childbirth complications. Both their characters seem to cross paths every 9 years when the elusive serial killer returns, which leads to a slow burn that pieces the story together.

The Recap:

In 1988, a police officer is hungry to become a detective and begins tracking a serial killer who resurfaces every nine years. But when the killer's crimes defy all scientific explanation, the officer's obsession threatens to destroy everything.

The good:

· The idea/movie concept was fresh

· Boyd character development over the decades of the film story was quite intense and very intriguing

The bad:

· Poor delivery on the story concept. I may have enjoyed the new story but it was hard to understand for 75% of the film

· I felt that Michael C. Hall’s character was completely under utilized

Why we should watch or not watch it:

I think its a good film to watch when you are bored but definitely would not be a film that I would want to ever go to the theatre to watch. It does not have replay value.

Last thought:

As stated before, its a film to watch when bored but nothing to go out of your way for seeing. If you want to see something better, you have films like Deja Vu with Denzel Washington or even 12 monkeys with Bruce Willis that has the same concept but has a stronger delivery.

4/10 stars

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