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Game Review: Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Updated: May 26, 2019

The 9th installment in the assassin's creed series is here and this time we are taking over london. While many things haven't changed there are many that have. If you were a fan of the other games then get ready to dissect the good, the bad and the ugly of one of the most popular franchises.


So if you're familiar with the series you know that basicly that you are a modern day person who is remembering the history of your long lost relatives. These relatives were assassins ridding the world of the scourge of society for the better good. This concept has been played off in different ways throughout the series, and I have to say I never liked having to go back to modern times for the cut scenes. Luckily this one doesn't have many cut scenes that take place in modern times and is 90% gameplay. This story takes place in 18th century victorian London. You are twin assassins Evie and Jacob Frye taking down the the evil forces of london trying to enslave and control the city and the world. Throughout the story you will do things like fixing Big Ben to thinning out the monarchy. One of the things that I loved was that in these missions you meet real people from Charles Dickens to Alexander Graham Bell. The story itself didn't seem very long but the amount of side missions made up for that. As with the other games you have to do all of this while fighting off police as well as a rival gang, the Blighters.

3/5 Throwing Blades


Here is where this game shines. Along with the story there are many side missions that you complete to both help explain the story as well as build your characters. In these side missions you will do everything from rescue children from the toils of child labor to Kidnapping bureaucrats to turn them into the police. I love doing the side missions almost as much as the story. As you do these missions you get a bit more explanation in the story as well as level up your characters. I did find it's a bit harder to level up your assassins since you have to spread the skill points between the two characters instead of just one, but there are enough side missions to do just that. Something new in this one that i don't recall in the others is the addition of recurring events. These events (which don't really have any effect on the story or the main side missions) range from underground fight clubs to sabotaging gang boats on the mighty Thames river. While they don't effect the story they play a huge part in helping you to build your characters.

As with the other games you travel around by either running around on the ground or climbing buildings and leaping roof to roof almost parkour style. One thing i did find that i wasn't crazy about was that the city is not very well laid out for leaping from roof to roof, and a lot of times you find yourself stuck on a building with nowhere to go but back down to the ground. To get around this issue later in the game you get a line launcher which allows you to shoot ziplines from building to building but since there are only certain points you can shoot it, it doesn't always help. For traveling long distances you can always steal a horse and buggy to ride for longer distance. I found this to be helpful but kinda just a pain at times. Sadly i forget about the whole driving on the left thing and usually end up playing bumper buggies (those poor horses). The other downside to this method of travel is the roads are very narrow and hard to get around the other buggies, on the other hand it's very accurate as to how the roads really are in London.

Now on to the fun part fighting. The game uses the typical react and respond fighting method that all the previous games have used so anyone who's played it before with get the hang pretty quick. They did however add some brutal combos that make for some pretty horrific death scenes. Weapons really haven't changed much either aside from a few things added. You have your assassins gauntlet with hidden blades, throwing knives, guns, various darts and so on. What they did add is some new primary weapons with different sword canes and various kukri knives. Like the last few games you have access to a bunch of different firearms as well.

Now as i mentioned you have two assassins that you can switch back and forth. Both Jacob and Evie have thier own skills. Evie is more stealth and relies more on sneaking around in the shadows and blending in with her surroundings, while Jacob’s is more of the guns a blazin type. Both have their place in the game and i found myself switching quite often.For the missions i found myself using Evie so that i could get in and out without drawing a lot of attention. As with the other games though you can also enlist the help of your gang. Jacob and Evie are the leaders of the rooks a “fight for the people” gang that you can recruit to help you win fights and complete missions, they are usually pretty dumb but at times helpful.

5/5 Throwing Blades

Replay Value

Like I had mentioned the story isn't very long but it is a good story, and even after the story is done you still have tons of chests and side missions to find throughout the city. Like I did with the others I pretty much blew threw the story and then spent my time searching for all the items, and there are a lot to find.I did find they are all a lot more closely packed compared to say Black Flag but that's kind of just how the layout of the city works. I will for sure go through the story again but don't know if i'm going to hunt down all the special items only because there are so many of them.

4/5 Throwing Blades


If you're a fan of the series this Syndicate will not disappoint. The city is beautifully done and there are plenty of new twists added to keep you interested, while still keeping the same style and format of the previous games. I am and will remain a fan of the series going forward. We've been everything from an nobleman in the middle east to a pirate and now saviors of the trouble times in London.

4/5 Throwing Blades

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