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Spotlight on Zachary Levi

Updated: May 27, 2019

Zachary Levi may be the most energized person I have ever seen! He knows how to engage his audience and every person in that packed auditorium was on the edge of their seat. He started with just bobbing his head out from before the curtain before basically half running and dancing to the edge of the stage. He wanted to get right to questions, right to talking with the people who were their to see him. He didn’t need a host he jumped right in.

Did you know Zachary Levi is a disney prince? He is! Flynn from Tangled. Now most acting contracts have morality clauses, act good or else, but disney has been rumored to have an especially strict one. Zach did not confirm this. He did say that being a Prince meant not sucking and don’t do meth off a horses’ butt. He was very proud to be Flynn. He wanted to make sure that it was his voice (the first North American accent) that would be coming out of Flynn’s mouth regardless of where or when it happened. This meant he got to voice Flynn for ice shows, video games and the series.

Did you know Zachary Levi struggles with mental health issues? He does. He is very candid about his journey with his mental illness. He truly believes that we all need to be more open about it. It is something that everyone will deal with at some point in their lives and we can all love ourselves. He’s biggest example in his life was while filming Chuck. Although he is so grateful to have been apart of such a unique show, that means so much to so many people, it was also the most difficult thing he has ever done. It lead to him doing a lot of work on himself and he wouldn’t change any of it. Also he is trying really hard for a Chuck movie!

Did you know Zachary Levi tried to start his own Con? He did! It is called Nerd HQ and its an alternative convention. He has plans for it to come back and hopes it does. This is where he gets the best fan experiences because he tolled over creating these experiences. He wants to take care of the fans because they are the patrons of the arts, they support him in what he does by buying his products, watching his media and attending his events. He thinks that there are some cons (that he won’t name… in San Diego) that aren’t set up as well as they could be. Panel queues and seat selection for one. Having phone chargers and seats for another.

Did you know Zachary Levi has his own supplement line? It’s called Flow! He is full of ideas and has so many projects on the go. How does he choose what to go through with? He says prayer helps him. He really just wants to make the world a better place so that is the first question he ponders. What will make the world better? Flow is one such product. He was to help people be healthy and strong. He felt most supplements were too full of fillers… so others must feel this way too. He could do something about it so he wanted to try.

Did you know Zachary Levi sings? Beautifully! This is something he’d really like to work more on. He had plans to release a cover of the oldies type EP last valentine’s day but it sadly didn’t happen. He feel music makes life better and wants to record something that will do just that.

So how do you end such a fantastic 45 minutes of Zachary talking directly to the audience as if we were all old friends? Why have the monitor on stage tell him “You have to leave the stage now”. Zachary and the entire auditorium burst into loud laughter and applause as he ran off to do photo ops.

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