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Spotlight on the Transformers

Updated: May 27, 2019

Have you ever met best friends before? There is a spark between them, a magic in the way they talk to and about each out. Peter and Frank have this magic spark. Any chance they got, they were complimenting each other and basically just in awe of the others talent. So it is funny that they voice characters that are mortal enemies. Optimus Prime and Megatron are characters I think of when I have to come up with an example of those at odds. The men behind the voices are the exact opposite. More then once Frank made Peter laugh so much he couldn’t answer a question. And with the voices Frank was coming up with, I don’t blame him.

Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) and Frank Welker(Megatron)

There was a lot covered during this panel and the questions the audience was coming up with were great. The first regarded the inspiration behind the voices. Frank states he likes to see a visual to invoke a voice. The biggest tell for him is size. If it is a big character the voice is likely booming and a smaller character will be more high pitched. Peter drew his inspiration for Optimus from his older brother. On the day of the audition he told his brother he could be playing a a good guy truck. His brother responded by reminding him to be strong enough to be gentle, compassionate and caring. WIth those words in his ears, he went to the audition and the voice of Optimus came out.

These guys love playing with their voices. Pretty much every question gave them a chance to use them. Best place they’ve used them? Once they were being escorted in a cop car and got to use the loudspeaker. “Pedestrations! This is Optimus Prime, please move aside, please let this car through.” For Frank it's when he stubs his toes and needs to curse the sky.

Some other interesting facts we found out through audience questions:

  • At one point in the 80s, Frank did 12 shows in one day

  • Peter was the voice for NBC

  • The both wish for a generation 1 feature movie in the future

  • At one point during the panel they had a barking conversation and it got heated!

  • They were stumped when asked how transformers transform…. Best guess? Thousands of part that move

  • They don’t like to think of roles that got away, instead they think of the ones they got that became so special

What are there most memorable and favourite phrase? For Peter it is “Hold on to your dreams, your future is build on dreams.” For Frank it is “Why worry about fleshings? Why waste your time?” to which Peter quickly responded in voice: “There’s more to them than meets the eye!”

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