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Spotlight on Christina Ricci

Updated: May 27, 2019

“You are the epitome of little girl goth!” states the first audience member and Christina Ricci smiles. Wednesday in the Addams Family was a role she loved playing and would take part in the Addams world again if she could. Sadly she isn’t apart of the new animated show coming out this fall. She also has nothing positive or negative to say about the musical as she isn’t involved in that either. She is sure Addams will continue to live on as it continues resonates with so many people.

She is very appreciative that people love her in Addams Family but also that she has such a wide background of roles in different genres. She really enjoys participating in conventions and expos because this is where she can see just have many different people, in different areas, respond to her work.

Christina surprised her question asker when she answered Prozac Nation as her most emotional role and not Monster. WIth Monster was was able to detached more as she was older. She had learned how to safely become a method actor. Charlize Theron and Christina apparently spent most of their time in between takes laughing. Whereas in Prozac Nation she was still very young. She lost herself in that role too much.

Christina cannot imagine and has not considered doing anything else. She is an actress and a producer and loves it. She does state she’d like to direct someday. In fact throughout this Q&A one thing is very clear: Christina is open to expanding her career in pretty much anyway… except a podcast, she wouldn’t trust herself with a podcast. She would love to do action movies or be a superhero though. She does find producing the most rewarding as its very exciting and you become very passionate because it is your project. Plus with having her own production company she can push who strong parts for older female actors. She stated ageism in the industry has changed and gotten better but there are less parts out there.

Christina has been acting since she was 7. She had a lot of mentors growing up who were incredible people. So she wants to give advice to younger actors but also doesn’t want to be presumptuous. So the general advice she would give is to behave on set and also focus on the art not the fame. For parents of young actors she had different advice. SHe does not believe young actors should do press. It is very hard to grow and figure out who you are when other keep telling you to change. The press is especially bad for this and it's best to just stay away from it.

Christina was pleasant and gracious with her answers but she wouldn’t elaborate or tell stories, meaning the volume of questions asked was huge. It seemed it was almost spit fire. Also I’m pretty sure I could quote her as saying “I don’t know” for half the questions before the host would clarify or re-word those questions in a way that got a better answer for the audience member. All in all, Christina was amazing and full of information. I can’t wait for her next project.

Tidbits about Christina Ricci:

  • Favourite colour is green “Was I supposed to say black?” she asked quickly after

  • Loves Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (and would love to work with him)

  • Audience thinks she’d make a great ‘Jesse Quick’

  • She forgets her lines all the time

  • Starstruck most by Elizabeth Taylor and John Cusack

  • She gets excited by other Comic-Con guests

  • She snaps her fingers just like the Addams Family song

  • Addams Family was easier to shot then Casper. Casper was very effect heavy.

  • She warned actresses about “stuff” (referring to #METOO but did not elaborate)

  • “Wow” her response to the scene in Leaving Las Vegas

  • Favourite scene: The chair descending into the lab scene from Casper. It was 3 weeks of filming on basically a roller coaster and it was a lot of fun

  • She loved Cher so much during ‘Mermaids’ that she would hide in Cher’s trailer just to be near her

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