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Spotlight: The Goonies

Updated: May 27, 2019

Sean Astin, Ke Huy Quan (aka Jonathan Ke Quan) and Corey Feldman

These Goonies all came out very excited and were asked straight away by the host how they were liking the Calgary Expo. Sean jumped on this before the other two could talk. He does 2 to 15 conventions a year. When he first came to calgary back who knows when, it was much smaller but its now boom town. He got to see this when he took part in the parade. He noticed the parade was being covered by the national news and this blew him away. Taking part in so many cons over the years he has not only gotten to see how pop culture changes but they really are starting to be fully acceptable to a wider audience then it was before.

It’s also because of cons that these actors get to hang out again. Key stated that they all live very close to each other but we don’t hang out much. Which is good in a way because when they do get to see each other they get to reminiscing and catch up, seeing how they’ve grown over the years. Corey mentions how sometimes it’s years or months but they can get back to where they left off. The brotherly love is there.

The host jumped on this to ask them what it was like all filming together has kids. Sean took a moment before he answered. He has been working with young actors a lot lately, with shows like Stranger Things and No Good Nick. It seems it telescopes his conscience back to when he was their age but he thinks they are more professional and more sophisticated than they were. For Sean as a kid it was like they were playing, going on adventures.

The conversation took a few twists and turns to make their points so it wasn’t until 15 minutes in that they finally took their first question from the audience.

  1. Practical vs. Imaginary sets: Key had talked a bit about this before the questions was ask. He mentioned that everything you see in the Goonies, they built. It was hands on type set so walking on the set didn’t take much imagination. He thinks it must be tougher to react to a tennis ball then to something real. Corey though did clarify that they have worked with blue screen back then. He talked of the train track scene in Stand By Me. It was a practical set but also had movie magic of how they shot it 5 different ways including a blue screen. In Goonies, the cave had blue screen all over the ceiling and floor. CGI has increased in being used as time goes on but it doesn’t change how he acts too much, he’s still playing to something that isn’t there and its using his imagination but it’s fun too because an imaginary guy can’t step on his line.

  2. Child Molestation: The guys are taken aback by like this question and who wouldn’t be. Sean state the topic should be brought up because it shouldn’t be taboo but asked the questioner to be more appropriate in how he asks such questions. Don’t just ask did you have any experience about child molestation when you were young in front of a crowd of people. Its inconsiderate and unenlightened. “We need to be respectful.” Corey takes this opportunity to talk about his charity Child USA, which advocates for changing statue of limitation clauses. Corey states people know his story so he tosses it to Key and Sean asking if they had good parents. Sean states he had a great childhood. He was very lucky to have protective parents. They made sure he was aware of his surroundings and was armed with how to deal with things. He ended it by thanking god he didn't deal with the same things as corey and asked that the questions and audience stay positive and stay on Goonie topics.

  3. Asian Representation: Key thought his child acting career was a dream. He got to be an asian kid exploring the world and showing other kids themselves on the screen. He found he was the only asian on the set but took it as being very lucky. However as he aged he found tt was tough for him to find roles verses his co-stars. He thinks it’s about time representation is getting bigger with Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians. He it proud there are more opportunities plus outside of acting he does stunt directing, like in X-Men 2.

  4. Friday the 13th: Corey describes his favourite scene for that franchise was actually on his day off from The Goonies. He was 12 and couldn’t do Friday the 13th: 5 because he was obligated to Goonies so the comprised on a cameo to resolve the character. He was shooting 6 days on goonies so had to set up sunday shoot. It was on his street so he could film in his neighbours yard. He then went back to work the next day to Goonies. It was his first time working 13 days in a row. “Nothing like slave labour in california”

The host ended the panel asking what was next: Apparently Sean and Corey have written a Goonies 2 script which they think is incredible. They took it to some producers but it didn’t happen. The producer was listening, deep in thought, the room got quiet, he looked up and said “You put a lot of thought into that didn’t you? Yeah we’re not doing that” But you never know...

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