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Movie Review: Alita: Battle Angel

Updated: May 27, 2019

Alita: Battle Angel; Setting Up A Franchise

The Concept:

A Japanese manga series brought to life desperately trying to make itself into a movie franchise. We are introduced to an impressively rendered futuristic world through the eyes of Alita, who goes about learning things with a childlike wonder that keeps the movie playful despite still being kick ass. As of this writing the Tomatometer had it at 60%, Metacritic was at 54% and IMDB was at 76%.

The Cast:

Christoph Waltz, whose accent I still don’t know the origin but also I haven’t looked it up, was spot on as a compassionate robot doctor/ killer bounty hunter. They developed his character slowly but surely. A couple twists regarding which family member he lost and whether he was a serial killer where played to point. Rosa Salazar breaks through the screen as Alita. Despite her being covered heavily in CGI her soul showed through and had me really connecting to her. Also had Keean Johnson, playing Alita’s love interest, who I’m pretty sure is one of the Jonas Brothers? He was pretty but otherwise one noted. Jennifer Connelly also shows up as Christoph’s ex-wife, her whole character was intriguing but otherwise unneeded.

The Recap:

Alita’s robot/human hybrid head wakes up in a new body thanks to Dr. Ido. She has no memory so she spends the movie discovering the world, finds love and motorball. While doing so she uncovers a secret ‘overworld’ in the underworld and decides she must bring them down.

The good:

  • The special effects are mesmerizing and the 3D was on point

  • It’s got some really funny moments. Alita can be almost childlike but in a good way by entering adult situations with a giddy enthusiasm that made me smile.

  • The action is violent but in a really good way. So bloody. The Punisher series should take note.

The bad:

  • The story was too much. They were trying to squeeze too much into this one movie, so obviously setting up for a franchise, that it was boggled down.

  • They killed a dog :( And now I know the blood on her cheeks in the posters is dog blood and that makes me sad

  • The story is very convoluted, why is there a floating city taking parts of people? Or not taking parts of people and also Edward Norton can jump bodies? I couldn’t really tell you.

  • Too long, get rid of like 30 minutes of unneeded characters/storylines

Why we should watch or not watch it:

Watch it but only in theaters or on a really nice TV. This movie is too be watched for the special effects. If you want to get engulfed in the story then this movie may is an introduction but go check out the manga (I assume, I haven’t actually read any of it but internet says its good).

Last thought:

I would be surprised if this gets a sequel or franchise which makes its ending really disappointing. Is it just me or does a disappointing ending make the movie feel negated which is especially too bad because I did enjoy this movie. I went in with low expectations and ended up having fun.

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