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Movie Review: The Dirt

Updated: May 27, 2019

The Dirt; So Many Dirty Hands

The Concept:

Have you ever wondered how Motley Crue got together? Have you ever wondered what type of shenanigans they got up to early in their careers? Then there is a book you can read to learn all about it or watch this movie too but that seems like a far less fun way to learn. As of this writing the Tomatometer had it at 44%, Metacritic was at 37% and IMDB was at 71%.

The Cast:

Hey the guy from Game of Thrones, the one chemist from Breaking Bad, the depressed guy from SNL... that’s it that’s all I recognize. Machine Gun Kelly plays Tommy Lee and he does a great job. He obviously had real enthusiasm for the role and it shows.

The Recap:

The story of how Motley Crue became one of the most notorious rock bands in history! However, this movie will not be a shining spot in their history.

The good:

  • The music, of course, was well placed and a lot of fun. I have maybe only heard their songs on the radio so it was to dedicate some real ear time to them.

  • The moments where they break from the story and talk to the camera were surprising. I enjoyed it but also wanted more of it as it was too infrequent which made it jarring.

  • The actors seemed to be having as much fun as the rockers would have been. it was a little cartoonish at times but a dumb type of you kind of what in on after a few shots.

  • The darker moments seemed to come out of nowhere which was realistic. It’s all fun and games til someone dies.

The bad:

  • This movie was apparently adapted from a 400 plus page book. Condensing that much material is a feat to say the least. They obviously focus on specific times in the band’s history but I felt that they focused on maybe some of the wrong stories. Do I really care about Tommy punching a super crazy groupie over how he met Pam?

  • This movie isn’t exactly clear with its timelines. At one point Tommy’s hair looks different and I realized oh are we in a new decade?

  • Is opening a movie showing a woman squirt a good or bad thing? haha

Why we should watch or not watch it:

If you want something on in the background with good music as you clean then heck yeah this is a great mindless movie. It was fun to watch a group of guys go nuts and have fun. Didn’t show women in the best light but groupies be groupies I guess?

Last thought:

I have been researching the band members since watching the movie and I may add the book to my reading list. This movie did leave me wanting to know more so they succeeded there.

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