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Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Updated: May 27, 2019

Captain Marvel; I’m Just A Girl

The Concept:

The long awaited first female led superhero Marvel movie is here and it’s pretty good. It’s got lots of funny banter, riveting action scenes and of course marvel universe tie-ins. What this movie doesn’t have is the cure for misogyny. I am a feminist but that didn’t make me excited for this movie and that is not why I watched this movie. I watched it because it looked fun and I like superhero movies, plus I need to keep in the know so i’m fully prepared for Endgame. Many will have specific opinions based solely on their possible extreme views of women but let’s try to just enjoy a movie. As of this writing the Tomatometer had it at 78%, Metacritic was at 64% and IMDB was at 72%.

The Cast:

Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson (also 4 kitties playing Goose the Cat) fill out a really well put together cast. Brie brings a lot of fun to Captain Marvel while still managing to carry the weight that people have put on this movie on her shoulders. It’s very weird to see Sam Jack with both eyes and man he looks young. I have had one birdie tell me he didn’t like Sam in this one but I felt he brought the heart to this movie. There’s also Annette Bening and Jude Law plus a host of other people, who I didn’t recognize, who help support Brie to fill out the Captain Marvel’s origin story nicely.

The Recap:

There’s a war going on and Carol Danvers ‘Vers’ is going to end it. Set in the 90s Vers lands on earth after one of the feuding alien races picks her for clues on how to kills the other alien race. Vers spends the movie having everything she thinks she knows being turned upside down.

The good:

  • Brie plays a great Captain Marvel. Her angry face is subtle but fierce. She is a little stiff but I think it adds to the character.

  • Most of the humor comes from Nick Fury which is unexpected but I found this fun. He’s younger and more carefree in this timeline. Heck he’s only just met his first out of world person. Of course he’s not as serious as the other movies.

  • I knew nothing of Captain Marvel’s backstory and felt this movie explained her very well. They took their time but once they got there it made sense to me.

  • Does Captain Marvel have any flaws or insecurities? I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing but she did seem a little perfect.

  • Yes the cat Goose plays a big role in the story and is pretty fun but I did think Fury was a bit too cutesy with it

  • Great camo by Coulson! I really enjoy this guy what can I say

The bad:

  • This movie takes a minute to get going. There is a lot to set up in order to get Captain Marvel to earth and get her story really under the way.

  • Most will compare this to Wonder Woman and I think that’s fair in a sense but besides both having female leads, i wouldn’t say there is much more to compare.

  • I found it pretty sad, yet spot on, that Carol’s life on earth was full of roadblocks, no you can’t race cars or fly planes or whatever but once she’s on an alien planet she’s invited to join elite fighting squads with no care to her sex…

  • That’s how Fury lost his eye? What an epic alien battle! *sarcasm*

  • No Doubt in the middle of a fight scene? No it just didn’t work. The other music was great though

Why we should watch or not watch it:

If you’re into the Marvel universe then watch it. If you want to see a strong female lead then also yes. If you like good buddy cop movies then definitely yes. It’ll keep marvel fans and non marvel fans entertained throughout and in the end you’ll feel excited to see more of her, you just might not feel the need to rewatch the movie.

Last thought:

As a woman, yes I enjoyed seeing a female lead but one of the things I really liked about this movie is that it didn’t really matter. They highlighted life as a woman on earth and how it was tough growing up for her, living the female experience, but once she’s got her powers she’s like any other superhero. She’s got a mission, she’s learning some new information and the world is going topsy turvy. Captain Marvel would be there to save the world whether or not she had a penis.

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