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Review: The Lego Movie 2

Updated: May 27, 2019

The Lego Movie 2: The Slow Start

The Concept:

It’s been 5 years since we last played with these specific legos and a lot has happened. It’s gone from a story about a father and son battling over preserving verse playing with toys to a brother and sister battling over how to possibly combine very different storylines in their lego playgrounds. The reviews for this sequel have been generally good if not great. As of this writing the Tomatometer had it at 92%, Metacritic was at 65% and IMDB was at 75%. So with much skepticism towards sequel qualities let’s see how this kids movie does for adults.

The Cast:

There are so many recognizable voices in this movie but the big four are Chris Pratt as Emmet and Rex, Elizabeth Banks as Lucy, Will Arnett as Batman and Tiffany Haddish as Queen Watevra Wa’Nab. All did really well in transporting me to a make believe world. I think Jonah Hill’s voice as Green Lantern was the only one that made me think ‘oh hey there’s an actor acting’. WIll Ferrell does lend his voice but we don’t get to see him this time around instead Maya Rudolph makes an appearance as the mom trying to get her kids to play nicely together.

The Recap:

The battle between Bricksburg, now known as Apocalypseburg, and the unknown Duplo invaders still wages on 5 years later. One day an invader cordially captures Lucy, Batman and a few other to take them to a wedding ceremony. Emmett is left alone to rescue them. Along the way he meets Rex Dangervest, who has a very interesting backstory. He helps Emmett change into a more brooding master destroyer type. Is this change for the better though? Will awesomeness come back to the land? Can brothers and sister play well together? All will be answered after a catchy song and a couple heartfelt moments.

The good:

  • The look of this movie is amazing. It’s colourful, vibrant. It mixes the stop motion look, and real world elements really well.

  • After the reveal in the last movie that humans were in fact the ones running the story I was happy to see how well they integrated this knowledge into this movie

  • The question of why Lucy isn’t the leader/special over Emmett is raised in a great exchange between General Mayhem and Lucy.

  • Bruce Willis in a air duct, he totally doesn’t live there but a nod to Dire Hard.

  • So many Batman moments, it made me want to rewatch The Lego Batman movies.

  • Stepping on a lego on par with the pain of childbirth?

The bad:

  • The very slow start, I think it wasn’t until the big reveal of the ‘lesson’ that this movie really started to pick up and make me feel things.

  • Not has many laughs this time around, I think I can count on one hand the number of times I chuckled.

  • My foot was not tapping to the music in this movie sadly. The catchy song did eventually get to me, the queen’s song was clever and the end credits song was fun but I remember the music in the first movie being far more noticeable.

  • The first half of this one almost felt too quiet.

  • I wanted to see Will Ferrell's dad character. I was really curious what giving up preserving his legos had done to him.

  • This movie was very predictable. Of course Rex is Emmett, of course Lucy will save Emmett, of course it’s a fake ending. I just wasn’t pleasantly surprised by anything this time around.

Why we should watch or not watch it:

You should watch it… eventually. Unless you have kids nagging you to go, wait for the DVD or streaming equivalent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s charming and well crafted but its not especially memorable. I’d much rather re-watch the first lego movie or the batman lego movie then watch this one again. And if you are going to re-watch it, maybe skip the first half?

Last thought:

This is a very solid sequel. It is fun, heart-warming and well, after a slow start, would spark the imagination of all ages. This movie does make me want to play, sing, dance, heck be awesome again but it does that most in reminding me how good the first movie was and to maybe go back and watch it again.

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