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Movie Review: Bird Box

Updated: May 27, 2019

Bird Box: Bad or Good, your eyes are open til the end

The Concept:

Monsters!… or Demons!… or Ghosts! Something is causing people to go crazy when they see them. Now it seems this craziness is acted out in one of two way, either you become so deeply saddened that you kill yourself in the most immediate and likely painful way possible or you are so overwhelmed by joy you want to share their image with everyone. Sharing could mean opening blinds or physically holding a person’s eyes open. Some fun examples of how people killed themselves? Walking in front of a bus, getting into a burning car, running out a second floor window, bashing your head against a rock, just to name a few.

The Cast:

The cast and their acting in this movie is impressive. Sandra Bullock plays emotionally distant with ease. Despite what i’m guessing is botox… she was able to convey the distress of surviving in this world in a way that even managed to touch my heart for a second here and there. The supporting cast: John Malkovich and Trevante Rhodes round this movie out really nicely. John Malkovich plays a drunk asshole with sexy charm really well. Trevante? Heck yes he would be any woman’s dream survival companion.

The Recap:

Don’t expect a linear story here. The choppiness makes the movie feel disjointed but it does keep things interesting. It follows Sandra’s character Malorie either in the present, travelling down a river with two kids in tow, towards a safe haven, or her in the past surviving from the initial breakout of the things until the story catches up. The story does do well with bringing both parts together and unveiling things to you in parts. Almost like they are trying to keep you blind to certain things.

The good:

  • Driving blind to the grocery store: are cars that good now!?

  • The idea that you’re either an asshole or you’re dead

  • Birds as alarms

  • The shadows, winds and leaves moving for the things

  • Technology couldn’t even save them

The bad:

  • Birds not working consistently

  • How predictable character responses were

  • Too many people on the scavenger mission

  • Not moving to the grocery store to live.

  • The whole ordeal in the forest was too long

The Memes:

Is this movie popular? The memes say it is! The critical response has not been so positive but who cares, people are having fun, and sometimes being dangerous, to get clicks and likes. I will fully admit that the one of the guy and his dog watching the movie blindfolded was cute and hilarious.

The Lingering Questions:

  • What the heck were the creatures? It was a very deliberate - jaw-esqe - move not to show them during the film. And it absolutely added to the suspense but knowing a bit about the origin would have been interesting. Please don’t take that as a request for a prequel.

  • How is the blind school any safer with a the courtyard being totally open to a forest that seems full of the things?

  • Are the birds really effective? We saw them go crazy twice, i think, and otherwise they were fairly silent. If the birds are going nuts in the forest outside the school or for humans affected then can you really trust them?

Last thought:

  • Stop comparing it to A Quiet Place. Just because they both involve a sensory deprivation element doesn’t mean they deserve to be in the same boat.

  • Wasn’t this movie supposed to be scary?

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