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Movie Review: Mayhem

Updated: May 27, 2019

‘Derek Cho is having a really bad day. After being unjustly fired from his job, he discovers that the law firm's building is under quarantine for a mysterious and dangerous virus. Chaos erupts throughout the office as the victims of the disease begin acting out their wildest impulses. Joining forces with a former client who has a grudge of her own, Derek savagely fights tooth and nail to get to the executives on the top floor and settle the score once and for all.‘

IMDb rating 6.7/10 Metacritic 62/100 Rotten Tomatoes 83%

As I was scouring the interwebs I came along this little diamond in the rough. The name didn’t exactly call out to me but the fact that Steven Yeun (Glen from The Walking Dead) was in it did. I went sure I’ll give it a shot to see what he can do aside from The Walking Dead. The trailer was decent enough and showed some pretty brutal violent spots that made me nod my head and pick up a copy of the film to view it.

The movie fuses a bunch of things together all at once. Take your standard corporate politics, add a handful of bloody violence and a dash of complete silliness through it into the oven at 425 degrees for almost 90 minutes and you have the movie Mayhem. Some reviews called it a cross between ‘Office Space’ and ‘Crank’ and I wouldn’t say they are wrong in that mash-up. The trailer even mentions ‘Office Space’ and ‘The Purge’ which I would have say is more correct.

I am kinda wishing I had seen this movie before another movie I reviewed previous The Belko Experiment. I know Mayhem wasn’t exactly the same plot but I couldn’t help but keep comparing it to The Belko Experiment. I’ve even had a number of discussions with colleagues at work between the two movies. Some have seen Mayhem and some have seen Belko. To the ones that have seen Mayhem, Belko was recommend. To the ones that saw Belko first, I told them to pass on it as they may have the same issue I did in comparison.

I think that Yeun did a decent job with the film I found that his co-star was a little lackluster however. Not because I had no clue who she was (Samara Weaving, Hugo’s niece) but I will use a phrase that I use when I talk about some wrestlers during a match. It felt like she called it in, just went through the motions didn’t put everything on the table and just had a flat performance. Maybe because she hasn’t had a tonne of experience, she is young and only a couple movies to her credit. But obviously the crew thought she had something, I thought she had nothing.

The film had a theatrical release in the U.S. (November 2017) after debuting at the Cannes Film Festival in May of 2017. The film had a modest budget of only $2.5M and really didn’t need a lot to accomplish the direction of the film. The scenes were pretty straight forward and laid out through a corporate office building which isn’t hard to find if need be on a small budget. Most of it probably went the props that were destroyed, the clean-up afterwards and the actors in general. Funny part is that the film when it was shopped around in various locations didn’t give anywhere near the amount of time that the director wanted or needed to film so he brought the location to Serbia where he directed his last film Everly.

Being that I have worked in call centers for most of my life. I thought the idea of an office going postal on itself was always interesting and this gives all us CSR’s an interesting take on a possibility we have all probably thought about at one point. It was fun and entertaining there were a lot of great moments thrown in. One I remember was about people arguing about Top 3 Bands they drop Anthrax and Motorhead. Someone mentions Dave Matthews Band and the line is ‘I’d rather chew glass’ ‘But you haven’t seen them live!’ It made me chuckle amidst the postal like nature of the film.

If you’ve seen The Belko Experiment you may be disappointed because it doesn’t quite have the same feel throughout. If you haven’t seen it. I would recommend Mayhem first and then The Belko Experiment. They are both decent in their own ways but I think Belko took it to another level. Maybe you watch it for Steven Yeun and it’s definitely a different role because Glen was far from a bloodthirsty savage in The Walking Dead and it was a nice change from the laid back scared pizza delivery boy in Season 1 of the series

3.5 Beards out of 5

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