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Cosplayer Spotlight: xRenascent

Updated: May 27, 2019

Hey everyone, Todd is here reporting for This week, we have been lucky enough to score an interview with xRenascent. We have been looking forward to posting this interview and we hope everyone will enjoy it!

Droids: This week we have a treat for our fellow geeks! We get to sit down with xRenascent! Thank you for sitting down with us for an installment of Cosplayer Highlight!

X: Hey, thanks a bunch for having me!

Droids: Easy/typical questions first. What was the first convention you attended? What was the most memorable part of that convention?

X: My first convention was Nan Desu Kan in September 2014. I was cosplaying as Asami Sato on the second day of the con, which I thought would've been an easy and comfortable first cosplay for me to do, mostly because I didn't have to wear a wig at the time. I had purchased my cosplay off of eBay, and aside from the gloves, the overall quality was not too shabby surprisingly. I wanted to cosplay as Asami on the very first day too, but due to time constraints I was only at the con for a few hours that day. But I have no regrets about that--I think my second day was perfect in my eyes! I had so many photos of my cosplay taken, and I also attended an Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra shoot. I made a couple new friends that day too. Overall, I had an incredibly positive experience at the con, and since then, I knew I was hooked into the cosplay and con scene.

Droids: Is there a cosplay you will not do? If so, and Why?

X: Overly revealing cosplays are a big no for me. It's not that I don't feel confident enough, but I do have an office job, and I feel that if I did any cosplays like that, it would eventually affect both my reputation and my company. Aside from that, I've been trying to stray away from cosplays with heavy-looking armor. My skill-set isn't up to par with foam and Worbla yet, but I really hope to change this someday!

Droids: What was your favorite cosplay costume that you've done so far?

X: I would have to say Aqua from Kingdom Hearts. Not only is she easily recognizable, but her outfit is super flowy and comfortable. Since I also made her keyblade from scratch, I learned a lot about using and working with insulation foam for props, and it's become one of my staples for prop-making now. Unfortunately, I haven't worn her in over half a year as I'm getting a new wig and fixing a few parts of the cosplay up, but I hope to bring her back in full swing when con season comes around soon!

Droids: Do you have a favorite convention? If so, which one is it, and why?

X: My favorite con so far is Anime Expo. Even though I've only gone once (last year), I absolutely loved it, despite the frustrations that came with the con that year. It was packed! The venue was huge, too, and there were so many great spots for shoots. It was also my very first out-of-state con, so it was an amazing experience getting to see a lot of cosplayers outside of my home state of Colorado.

Droids: What was the hardest costume for you to make to date? What made it so difficult?

X: Oh goodness...Magilou from Tales of Berseria, by far, has been the most difficult to make. A couple of the biggest challenges I ran into when making the cosplay were making both the book skirt and the hat. I actually had to ask a few friends for their suggestions on how to make the books dangle from a belt because I had no idea how I was going to approach it at the time. I ended up using nylon straps and using D-rings to make an adjustable belt for each book, and have them looped onto my belt, staying secure while retaining the dangling motion like the books do in game. I also had no experience making hats until I ran into this cosplay, and with the way her hat was shaped, I knew that making a pattern for it would be difficult. Since I was also bringing Magilou to Anime Expo, I had to figure out how to make it portable in my luggage. Loads of safety pins and removable buckram fabric really came in handy for this problem!

Droids: Is there a cosplayer that you look up to for inspiration?

X: Back when I first started cosplaying, Sushi Monster was a huge, HUGE role model for me because her Asami Sato makeup tutorial had helped tremendously. Her cosplays were completely spectacular too, and I made it a goal to have cosplays that were up to par like hers all were. Recently though, Kamui Cosplay has been my biggest inspiration. I've been admiring her work in Worbla and prop-making, and more recently, her FFXIV Monk and Summoner cosplays. As a fellow FFXIV player myself,

Droids: Is there a Con that you have not gone to yet but aspire to do so?

X: Katsucon has definitely been a con goal for me. Sadly, I won't be able to attend this year due to personal/family commitments I've made around the same time as the con, but I'm hoping I'll be able to go next year! I also would love to go to FanimeCon, Anime Los Angeles, Otakon, and A-Kon. These cons are not on my list this year, but maybe I'll be able to go to one or two of them next year!

Droids: Do you have a funny experience from a comic con that you want to share?

X: I actually don't think I've shared this before on my social media pages, but about 5 - 10 of my friends saw this happen and it's still HILARIOUS to this day. This happened during Nan Desu Kan in 2017, and I was cosplaying as Magilou. I was beat from walking around and standing all day, since I wasn't able to sit down comfortably in my cosplay at all. My friends wanted to go out to the pedestrian mall right next to the hotel/venue for food, and I told them to go without me while I kinda tried to rest my feet by sitting on the very corner/edge of a chair. A tall friend of mine asked if if I wanted him to carry me. I jokingly said sure, and the next thing I knew, I was lifted up about 5 feet up from the ground while my friend was holding me up by my legs. As soon as we get to the entrance of the pedestrian mall (like literally 50 steps from our original position later), I said he could put me down. This is where everything went wrong--he was struggling to put me down upright as he held me up in an awkward way, and with how my cosplay was, it was difficult to get a good hold of me anywhere else. So he kinda dropped me about 2 feet off the ground, and I vaguely remember a couple of my friends and I, myself too, screaming (in a good/funny way, not like a freaked out kind-of-scream). No one was hurt thankfully! But I'm sure a good chunk of people had seen what had happened and laughed as well. To this day, I still jokingly give him some flak for this incident. I think this was probably one of the better highlights from the con!

Droids: Is there anything else you want to add about cosplay or yourself in general or perhaps promote something that may not have already been covered?

X: Cosplaying has definitely been an absolutely positive experience for me. I actually don't share this a lot, but I was actually in a pretty dark spot of my life about a few months or so before I got into cosplaying. But once I had stepped foot into the hobby, it was a whole new exhilarating experience for me. I absolutely love the community, and I'm grateful for all of the people I've met and friends I've made through cosplaying. Everyone's been super supportive, and I love socializing with other people in similar interests and hobbies. It's definitely a hobby that I've grown to love, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon!

Droids: It was an absolute pleasure sitting down with you! Congratulations on your continued success as an amazing cosplayer!

We hope to see you at a Convention some time!

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