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Movie Review: The Last Jedi

Updated: May 27, 2019

The 8th installment (technically 9 if you count Rogue Uno) was released around Christmas of 2017. However due to the large number of snowflakes whining about spoilers, we decided to take our time with the review.

“Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares for battle with the First Order.”

The things I call bullshit on.

First thing, I call bullshit on this whole Mary Poppins crap with Leia. Does anyone not know what happens in the vacuum of space? It’s common sense. And don’t tell me the force did some weird space condom wrapper around her to keep her alive. They had a perfect out right there to end her story. Now we are going into Episode 9 scrambling with an idea on how to make Leia’s exit believable. SMH

We are also treated to a lack of story building with Snoke. Sure, if you want to have the argument about how the Emperor wasn’t fully explained for decades, I would agree. But, Snoke wasn’t explained at all. We just know the guy had force powers and no back story was provided. Snoke was in the franchise/on screen for 40 mins total over 2 movies. How did he seduce Ben Solo to become Kylo Ren? Where are the Knights of Ren? Why does the Praetorian Guards survive lightsaber strikes?

Finn takes a huge backseat to the story which I found very odd, as he was the main focus in Episode 7. It felt like they had no real story for him and just gave him his “Star Wars Moment” so it would be memorable but wasn’t he the one that reignited the rebel alliances fire? And letting him sacrifice himself would have been as memorable when Randy Quaid did that in ID4. Stupid Rose.

Ah the Porgs. Gotta sell some merch boys? No relevance but to pull in the child demograph and sell some toys. At least Ewoks had purpose. At least Yoda had purpose. Hell, even did Jar Jar. Nope, this Kentucky Fried Chicken Knock off was placed in to capture sales. Shame on you Disney.

The Good.

Well, the film overall was better than Episode 7. I did enjoy both films, but this film had more depth and explained more of what was actually happening in the universe. As it did come with its flaws, but it was still enjoyable regardless. It was great seeing Mark Hamill return as Jake *cough* I mean Luke Skywalker but I do wish there was more of a battle between himself and Kylo Ren. Shockingly, he did not go the way of Obi Won but it was definitely left open for a surprise later. I was very happy he had his own not copied exit from the franchise.

Poe Dameron was given more of a stronger role and allowed to see his comedic but aggressive side. The whole 20 minutes of the film for Poe was just brilliant and was one the highlights of the film. Also, Finn’s beat down of Captain Phasma was perfect and glorious. We all know she survived but how will Breanne of Tarth get her vengeance?

Now, the film leaves open a lot of gray areas which fans did not care for, but it provides the next installment the creative freedom to come in from any angle. Let’s be honest, none of the original cast can be in these films anymore and this is a passing of the torch scenario.

But what I will say is that people need to stop looking for the negatives in these films. Just enjoy the damn flick and eat some popcorn.

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