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Movie Review: Justice League

Updated: May 27, 2019

‘Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. ‘

IMDb rating 7.3/10 Metacritic 46/100 Rotten Tomatoes 41%

So we have another DC movie released and at first the reviews originally appeared quite decent and then things appeared to turn south. Knowing the track record of DC movies versus Marvel movies I still mustered up the willpower to tackle this movie opening weekend. Not exactly sure why I thought that was a good idea. The ‘wife’ initially wanted to see it and happened to have the night off but then changed her mind which I guess isn’t a shock knowing her with movies but still Todd and I managed to hit it up.

We managed to hit the early show of the two which of course meant that all the parents brought out the anklebiters to the show which due to a couple of annoying little shits like the one kicking the back of my seat on a regular basis and the one a couple seats down who decided it was a good idea to hammer the seat next to him up and down throughout the movie didn’t add to the experience of the movie. I let the kid and parent behind me have it at one point and managed to fire daggers at the father of the kid who was playing with the seat at which point they finally stopped somewhere halfway through the movie. Yay parenting!

So we get the origin story of the Justice League or what the writers decided to give us as a Justice League origin story anyways. I wonder do I dare get on the bastardization of the comics and story that had been laid out for them? I could probably go on for quite a while. Maybe I will just drop my Coles/Cliff notes of my rant and leave it at that

Cyborg instead of Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern?

Apparently we skipped the whole 4 iterations of Superman after his death

Wasn't Superman brought back while in the Fortress of Solitude

Wasn’t Bruce Wayne a lot younger when the JLA was formed?

To start we get Bruce Wayne trying to bring everyone together except for Superman because apparently he’s deader than a doornail at this point because of the threat of a big baddy. The story and direction of the gathering of everyone just seemed extremely clunky almost like you were watching the middle of a movie or television episode and were missing the first bit and last bit. The beginning of the JLA just felt very inorganic and forced when you would think that everyone would have had a similar thought and then say hey this isn't a bad idea and let's do it.

Now let's talk about the big baddie villain of the film Steppenwolf. Who? Of all of the big baddies that you could have pulled from the DC universe they pick one that very few people would even recognize or recall. At one point I was pretty sure he dropped the name Darkseid (his uncle) which I thought would have been a better choice if they aren't going to use the comics storyline as canon. Maybe that was the thought with the pair of films and bring him in for the second installment. Who knows what they were thinking to be honest I don't try anymore.

Character wise we already had a good baseline with Bruce and Diana but we get our introductions of Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Todd and I would probably agree that Aquaman as a character was probably the MVP of the bunch and was extremely well suited but didn't have the greatest amount of screen time. My brother made mention that the way Flash was portrayed was more like Bart Allen and not Barry Allen and I would have to agree wholeheartedly he was just too goofy and socially awkward. Cyborg for me was far from memorable aside from seeing that big red light whenever he was onscreen.

So Justice League had a measly budget of $300 million making it tied for the second most expensive movie to make behind one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (On Stranger Tides) and it's tied with PotC: At World’s End. Now at the time of this particular article domestically the movie bombed and only pulled in just over half that amount around $170 million the international box office saved the film with around $310 million. They initially planned 2 movies for Justice League but the second has been put on hold indefinitely for another solo Batman film. I don’t see them taking another kick at the can for this one with the current numbers at all. And frankly I certainly hope they don’t.

Now the reason for the budget is that this movie was a CGI lovers fappening. From Cyborg being on screen, all of The Flash sequences, the converting of the world to Steppenwolf’s homeworld. Oh and how can we forget the whole removal of Henry Cavill’s mustache because of a deal with Warner Brothers for him to keep it. The reshoots towards the end as well helped raised the budget and apparently took its toll on the actors as well. It wasn't done poorly by any stretch of the imagination it was just overused when it felt that every other scene they needed to have some sort of CGI in it.

Out of the people I know a handful enjoyed the film. I however didn’t I think this rates just above Batman vs Superman to be honest. That isn’t saying a lot when it comes to that film but it was a little better. If you are a comic book fan and can suspend the belief of the comics as canon then perhaps you may enjoy it or you may go onto your own personal rant about the film. Can’t see myself ever giving this one another watch in the slightest. I would much rather watch paint dry and that is no joke.

2 Beards out of 5

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