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Game Review: Batman: The Enemy Within - "The Pact"

Updated: May 27, 2019

The story continues after the “demise” of the Riddler and after your learn of an organization known as The Pact. Now if you put any thought into the load screen silhouettes, you can probably pick out who is in this episode.

The chapter introduces 3 known Batman characters with different twists and origin stories. Also, yes John aka THE JOKER, is in this chapter. Bruce Wayne leverages his relationship with John to meet the Pact members so he can find out what exactly they are up to. However, Bruce has to not only win them over, but help them steal an EMP to be used in the upcoming heist. The heist is on an armored convoy which they stall using the emitter, which also fries the guards' guns, before attacking. With Waller refusing to help, Bruce surreptitiously prevents anyone from killing as they steal a large metal container. Bruce then prevents either Harley or Bane from a brutal rampage, allowing them to get away with the rest while the other is cornered by the Agency. Either John/Freeze is outraged/suspicious by this event while Harley/Bane uses the Key to reveal the contents of the container: the frozen corpse of the Riddler. They then explain that the next phase of their plan will begin with the arrival of the next component that has been stolen by Catwoman who is surprised to see Bruce with the Pact.

Harley Quinn – Completely different from most versions. Apparently, Harleen became Harley on her own without the Joker. Also through in a story about her father and viola! We have a joker inspired character without the Joker? I don’t get it. And on top of that, Joker is a lost puppy following her around? That sounds wrong, no?

Bane – The mustache literally kills me. I looked up imagery for Bane for the last decade and no mustache. We can play off the fact he isn’t juicing yet, fine. But the fact he has that mustache really ruins his cred.

Mr. Freeze – the only character that feels 100% true to his comic origins story. Yay for Freeze!

The Joker – Still not feeling this direction they are taking with him. His character feels rather directionless and written into the story so that it ties in with Season 1. As much as it would have been a life long dream of the Joker to be besties with the Batman, I don’t ever recall that ever occurring. Plus, I really don’t care for the voice for this version either. I guess Hamill was busy.

Overall, I am not 100% on board of this re imagining of Batman villain origin stories, but will have to ride this one out till the end of the season. Unlike the GOTG series, that you can pass on. pass on.

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