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Game Review: WWE 2K18

Updated: May 27, 2019

2K provides their 6th installment into the WWE2K franchise that promised to be the best game created yet. Now, that is a very bold statement we can all agree, but 2K has a better track record than THQ did since taking over the franchise. Now, every game has bugs and this game is no better, but let’s look past that and see if it was worth the full price I paid.

The games graphics and presentation got a complete makeover/overhaul since the previous year. Not to say 2K17 didn’t look good, because it really did. However, 2K really out did themselves this year. About 95% of the entrances were accurate and the over character models were borderline flawless. They did proclaim that the audience would be sound more authentic which is slightly true. There is multiple spots where the crowd is completely out to lunch and unresponsive to popping for finishers. Hopefully that can be fixed with a patch. Gone is the days of the old repeating announce team and in with the new recorded lines from Michael Cole and the addition of Graves/Saxton. However, it is something that is left to be desired. Every time Byron Saxton “ain’t no stopping him now” makes me cringe as I hear it 6516541616 times a match. Where was the beta testers on this?

They added in a new carry system to help add more excitement to the match. Which it does. Have the ability to power bomb your opponent onto a turnbuckle or even the steel ring steps is awesome. But the system isn’t really explained well and took a few matches to fully grasp the concept of it. Also, added a ton of finishers based by scenarios like off of a car/tractor trailer/ladder/hell in a cell. Which is nice for the selection but did feel like overkill. They also made the AI extremely annoying. More so than the previous year. In one of my first matches as an example, I F-5’d Big Match John Tiberius Cena 3 times and went for the pin. He kicked out. HE KICKED OUT. We get it, he has heart, but that’s a little extreme.

This year they have a 50+ superstar roster that is not fully accurate and even missing Hulk Hogan still. And even then, there has been hundreds of PPVS, so where is the diverse amount of stages? If anyone hasn’t realized it yet, the PPV stages are literally almost the exact same (except for WM). So why aren’t we cracking out the old PPV’s from the last 20 years?

This year they missed the mark again when it comes to the CAW storyline. The huge selling point was free roam in the back stage area. Who actually asked for this? I can tell u who didn’t. This guy. It is a complete waste of time and if anything makes me not WANT to play the CAW storyline at all. I spend more time running around the back looking for people then actually wrestle a match. Compared to last year, the grind to win a title is a lot quicker and not as tedious, but it’s not as fulfilling. The biggest thing they were selling to me to buy this game is literally the mode I hate the most.

As always the WWE Universe and Community options are available. Yay. But 2 big things they added in this year was Create-A-Match (Dear god why), and 8 superstars can now be in the ring the same time. I really didn’t see a need to want to have the ability to make a match. It would still be within the parameters of a match and you just selecting the match rules. Nothing really big there. But the 8 superstars in one ring is pretty big. When I attempted a battle royal the first time, the game provided some Nintendo Slo-Mo and before I knew it was I eliminated. Maybe it was because 8 characters started at the same time because it didn’t happen during the Royal Rumble after the ring filled up.

But in comparison to 2K17, there is a lot of positives in the newer game than the previous. Sometimes I just wish 2K can make a game that’s solid 100% all around rather than trying to cater to peoples wants of adding trivial things? Like seriously, who wanted the ability to run backstage and have text conversations with cardboard cut outs. Idiots.

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