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Cosplayer Spotlight: The Dragon's Cosplay

Updated: May 27, 2019

Hey everyone, Todd is here reporting for This week, we have been lucky enough to score an interview with The Dragon's Cosplay. We have been looking forward to posting this interview and we hope everyone will enjoy it!

Droids: This week we have a treat for our fellow geeks! We get to sit down with The Dragon's Cosplay! Thank you for sitting down with us for an installment of Cosplayer Highlight!

Response: Thank you so much for having me!

Droids: Easy/typical questions first. What was the first convention you attended? What was the most memorable part of that convention?

Response: I began cosplaying in early 2014. My first convention was Kawaii Kon 2014. I cosplayed as the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who. I bought all the pieces from a thrift store, except for a TARDIS fez that I made out of felt. This was back when Doctor Who was really big and there were tons of other Doctor Who cosplayers there. I was worried that no one would talk to me, but tons of people did and they were all so nice. The part I remember most was when I asked to take a picture of a couple of other Doctor Who guys, and then I posed for a picture with them. As happens at conventions where you have a group of cosplayers posing, quite a few people came by and started taking pictures of us. I was amazed. I'd never had anything like that happen to me and I really fell in love with the cosplay community at that point.

Droids: Is there a cosplay you will not do? If so, and Why?

Response: There are some cosplays that I have put off in the past because I didn't consider myself skilled enough to do them yet, but I try to keep my mind open and never definitely say no to anything, if I like the outfit or the character.

Droids: What was your favorite cosplay costume that you've done so far?

Response: My all time favorite cosplay is Rey from Star Wars. I made it in 2015, immediately after seeing The Force Awakens, because I really loved the character of Rey and I look a bit like Daisy Ridley. I remade some parts of it in mid 2016, added on her scavenger head wrap and glasses, and I am currently redoing the pants, shirt, and sash of it again, because I am attempting to join the Star Wars Rebel Legion and their standards are very exact. This cosplay is comfortable, and it has a pouch so I can carry my stuff without having to hold another bag. I love the response that this cosplay gets from everyone, especially kids. I also have a BB-8, made from paper mâché, that sits on top of a small painted cart that I drag around using fishing line so it looks like he's following me. I worked really hard on this droid, (I had glue all over my hands for about three weekends straight,) and he's super cute.

Droids: Do you have a favorite convention? If so, which one is it, and why?

Response: I live in Hawaii and haven't attended any conventions out of state yet, but here we have around three yearly. Of those, my favorite is Comic Con Honolulu. It's more geared towards science/fantasy fandoms, and I really enjoy the selection on panels. Also at this convention, someone once gave me a sticker with a shark dressed as Rey and it is beautiful.

Droids: What was the hardest costume for you to make to date? What made it so difficult?

Response: The hardest costume I ever made was my first version of Kitiara Uth Matar. She wears armor without scales, but I decided to create my own version with scales using spoon heads. This meant I had to buy a large box of spoons, break off their heads, and then glue them onto a foam armor. I broke over five hundred plastic spoons. Then I had to glue them on individually. I used a ton of hot glue and I got quite a few burns, because I was using a glue gun that heated up more than my usual one. The costume was very uncomfortable and I only ended up wearing it to one convention, but it was a good learning experience.

Droids: Is there a cosplayer that you look up to for inspiration?

Response: I had a chance to meet Jessica Nigri at a recent convention, and she's really sweet. I like how she's so nice and genuine even though she is so big on the cosplay scene.

Droids: Is there a Con that you have not gone to yet but aspire to do so?

Response: Ever since I got into fandom in 2013, I wanted to got to San Diego Comic Con. It seems like the ultimate fan pilgrimage.

Droids: Do you have a funny experience from a comic con that you want to share?

Response: Once I attended a panel featuring William Shatner, and he told the guy who was on the panel with him, (a worker from the convention), that the shorts the guy was wearing were terrible. So the guy said he would wear short shorts next time. I still have it on video.

Droids: Is there anything else you want to add about cosplay or yourself in general or perhaps promote something that may not have already been covered?


I try do creative things with my cosplays. For example with my Katara and Korra cosplays, I used red, white, and blue silks to represent fire, air, and water bending, and attached them with fishing line to my hands.

I love cosplay because it lets me be so many different characters. It's a bit like staring in your own one woman show: you're the actor, the costume designer, and make up artist. I love making my cosplays, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I love showing them off at conventions, and I love getting my pictures back from photographers and thinking, "Wow, that's me!"

Finally, to any one that wants to get into cosplay: go for it! It's super fun and helps with confidence, meeting people, sewing skills, and crafting.

Droids: It was an absolute pleasure sitting down with you! Congratulations on your continued success as an amazing cosplayer!

We hope to see you at a Convention some time!

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