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Movie Review: Annabelle: Creation

Updated: May 27, 2019

A few years ago, The Mountain Man watched the first Annabelle film. I don’t recall what the review said, but I am pretty positive it wasn’t a good review. I attempted to get him to watch this one but he was cunning. He waited until someone talked me into it and laughed at my misfortune.

“Former toy maker Sam Mullins and his wife, Esther, are happy to welcome a nun and six orphaned girls into their California farmhouse. Years earlier, the couple's 7-year-old daughter Annabelle died in a tragic car accident. Terror soon strikes when one child sneaks into a forbidden room and finds a seemingly innocent doll that appears to have a life of its own.”

How this film made 280 million (US only) is already mind blowing to me. The film was a joke to say at least. I cannot respect a film that boasts that it will be the most terrifying film of 2017 whereas I found a questionable fart to cause more anxiety.

Did we need an origins story? Not really. Take Underworld for instance. Did we need all those sequels plus a prequel? No. We get it. Vampires kill Werewolves and humans. The End. The viewer does sit there and ask themselves, “Gee, I wonder how vampires came to be?” There is literally 500 different stories of the birth of vampires. Use your imagination. Same with a haunted doll. No one has ever explored that… *cough* Chucky *cough* but according to this sorry, it’s about the little girl that used to be the owner of the doll. The story focuses on Mullins family daughter, Belle, who was killed by in a car accident 7 years prior.

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