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TV Review: Son of Zorn

Updated: May 27, 2019

Netflix is such an amazing thing. Well, also a horrible thing. You can lose hours, days and even weeks to the streaming service. And over my vacation, it did take 2 days away from me. However, I was happy I gave them,

“Zorn, the defender of Zephyria, conqueror of the tribes of Agon, decapitator of the dark herdsmen of Grith, is an overlord of pain from an island in the Pacific Ocean where everyone is animated, but he finds his greatest battle may be the adjustment to the banality of middle class America. Zorn returns to the suburbs of Orange County, Calif., on a mission to reconnect with his estranged ex-wife, Edie, and their son, Alan, but suffers a setback when he finds Edie engaged to another man. He decides to stick around anyway, hoping to forge a relationship with Alan, getting an apartment and a job in sales and trying to funnel his warrior energy into dealing with everyday foes -- like the DMV.”

Sad part is as it stands, Son of Zorn was cancelled at the beginning of the summer. Does it mean it’s over? Not necessarily. It’s up to other services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others, to breathe new life in the franchise if it does well on its network. Fox is notorious for cancelling good shows (Firefly anyone?) and renewing shows that have no business being on the air (American Idol). I recall an episode of Family Guy when it was brought back for the 2nrd or 3rd time after being cancelled. They mentioned all the shows that were cancelled in their hiatus. It was a 4 minute segment of a list. But this isn’t about FOX crappy business etiquette. Everyone already knows about that all too well.

What this is about is a live action “He-Man” in the real world and it’s funny. What kid from the 80’s/90’s wouldn’t want to see that? I am honestly curious why the show was cancelled. It has been quite a long time since I binged an entire show in almost one sitting. So I am starting to feel like FOX dropped the ball, again. Zorn is played by Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses) who brings the animated character ti life and believable with his reactions to the real world. Fun fact I was told today, he is the nephew of Norm from Cheers. Ill confirm that later. Also the show has Cheryl Hines (Curb your enthusiasm), and Tim Meadows (Saturday Night Live) who add to the hilarity of the show.

During the show, Zorn has to learn to deal with real life situations without barbarically destroying them, and be a father to his son. But the journey through the season is setup with hilarious scenarios that will make you wanting more. Sad that it was show short lived. Ill hope that Netflix picks it up one day.

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