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TV Review: The Tick

Updated: May 27, 2019

Amazon attempts to make another splash in the TV industry. This time they drum up my childhood classic, the Tick. The offer it up as sacrifice to the TV gods in the hopes it will be a hit. Unfortunately, it’s the explosive that the Midnight Bomber actually did successfully set off.

“In a world where superheroes and villains have been real for decades, Arthur, an unassuming accountant with no superpowers, becomes embroiled in the middle of the battle between good and evil. When he realizes that his city is owned by a global supervillain who was long thought to be dead, he struggles to uncover the conspiracy. As he becomes obsessed with the conspiracy, most people think he's crazy. One person who believes Arthur is a mysterious new ally, The Tick, who is a bizarre blue superhero who may just be a figment of Arthur's imagination.”

Honestly, how Amazon feels it can compete against cable companies or even Netflix is completely mindboggling. I recall when they made their own TV Show of the zombie Hit, ZombieLand, and it failed horribly. The only good part of the show was the Zombie Kill of the Week segments. But that’s it. Also only offering up 6 episodes to binge on? Come on guys.

So, The Tick, was an animated hit during the 90’s when Saturday morning cartoons ran supreme. I recall spending my entire weekend watching Spiderman, TMNT, Beast Wars, Xmen and of course the Tick (4 seasons). Which was always followed by Eek, the Cat. Anyways, those days were amazing. Years later after the Saturday Morning Cartoon era ended, they attempted to make a live action Tick show with Patrick Warburton in 2001. Didn’t get out of the first season.

So what does Amazon think they can do better? If it’s the casting, they are clearly wrong as it was a swing and a miss. Peter Serafinowicz was not a good choice. Well, nor was Warburton, but he was a lot closer match to the original tick played by Townsend Coleman. Townsend has the goofy, dim lit, comedic personality of the Tick down pat whereas the other 2 were reaching. Plus Griffin Newman as Arthur just didn’t sit well with me either.

I literally had to watch 2 seasons of the animated show to forget the 1 episode of the show. If that doesn’t say a lot, then I don’t know what will.

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