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TV Review: Orange is the New Black Season 5

Updated: May 28, 2019

I was able to get a jump on the show before the MountainMan. I am actually shocked. The guy is a beast when it comes down to binging shows. Sorry I am going to pull a Barry Horowitz (puts self on back) and tell you about my

First thing, I will commend the writers of this show. They dragged out what could have been a 3, maybe 5 episode storyline arc for a full 13. And they did it in such a way that you did not get bored nor just gave up on the show. I think the main piece of the seasons success is that Piper and Alex really took a backseat to the whole cast. They were there when needed and had climatic parts to the show, but the show dove deeper into the other inmates past. Also they showed the traumatic and overwhelming pain of a sudden loss can be to some people.

Spoiler Alert. Kind of a big one. The Prison Riot is the whole season. So is the grieving of the passing for Pousay Washington. But the show came at you in different angles on how other people were affected. And someone how the idiotic blonde and brunette meth heads ended up running the prison at one point. Essentially it was due to Humphreys(Guard) brought in a guy that was knocked away from him, Dayanara shot him groin to establish dominance and long story short, the gun became a hot potato in the prison. While this is all happening Piper/Alex decided to go against the revolt and started an accidental movement outside in the prison yard. The Meth Heads & The Latino gang decided to play a version American’s got talent with the hostages(prison guards), Tasha with her gang were negotiating a surrender with a giant huge of demands and Red was playing on luring prison guard Piscatello back in the prison to trap him. Safe to say, all these things do not go according to plan.

At one point Piscatello was being played up as Jason Voorhies, as he kidnapped all of Red’s friends into the shadows which caused Red to be extremely paranoid. Which I found extremely humorous. I felt like this season on top of the origins stories they brought into the fold, there was a lot of comedic themes brought into play to balance the constant grieving occurring throughout the season.

All in all, it wasn’t the best season of OITNB, but it is definitely worth the watch.

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