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TV Review: Better Call Saul

Updated: May 28, 2019

Breaking Bad by far is in the Top 5 best TV Drama’s to ever exist in the last 20 years. Which is a huge honor when you think about it. When you have show’s like Spartacus, Dexter, Soprano’s, Game Of Thrones, Walking Dead, etc comprising of the Top 10 shows and Breaking Bad just bursts through the wall like the Koolaid guy screaming, “Science Bitch!”

He may be on to something.

We all have seen Breaking bad. Hell, I just finished binge watching the entire series again for the 3rd time. I remember during the Season Finale a cable provider service went down mid show and it caused literal anarchy. People were calling the police stations to report that the cable companies were “stealing” their ability to watch the climatic ending of Season 5. That madness. Never once in my life, have I ever heard of anyone going crazy over a TV show. Sports? Sure. Final Tribute shows like The Tragically Hip? Sure (Burn in hell Bell ExpressVu). But never a television show. It’s unheard of.

Technology has made everything so easy to access that we can watch Netflix on our phones and catch up on anything we missed. But it doesn’t create that initial reaction that viewers have when they watch it live. Social media ruins everything for us when it comes to Television. It is so bad, I refuse to read social media until I have watched The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones because there is always someone who spoils it.

Vince Gilligan is literally rewriting the television guide on how to invent characters. He even teased a plausible tie in with the popular AMC’s The Walking Dead if they were interested. Now that’s smart. When a guy can walk in the room and literally drop a far-fetched but believable and marketable idea on the drop of the dime, its borderline magic. That’s what Breaking Bad in essence, magic. So when I heard that a mid-level character was going to get his own show as a spin off, I was quite skeptical. We can all be honest and agree that spin-offs typically crash and burn horribly. But they didn’t have Vince Gilligan at the helm.

Better Call Saul premiered over 2 years ago and every episode has been as good if not better than some of the intense Breaking Bad episodes. Whereas Breaking Bad focused on the “Jesse, we need to cook” elements, gang warfare, running from the DEA and the rise of the drug kingpin Heisenberg, Better Call Saul takes a different approach. Better Call Saul is about a guy named James McGill. Also known as Slippin’ Jimmy. The show is about the eventually evolution of Saul Goodman.

I am not going to bore you with the last 2 seasons of events, because you SHOULD have watched it. But the point of this article to show Vince Gilligan’s consistency. He took a “C” Character and gave him a story. He explains the tragic story of Mike ErmanTraut(my favorite character of all time for both shows), and with that tie in, makes Jimmy’s change to Saul Goodman completely believable. Along the way, you are treated to nostalgic characters and even specific moments that were mentioned in Breaking Bad so you can have that “They said that in Breaking Bad” moment. This of course while maintaining a solid and intriguing story to make you went to rebinge the show over and over to find all the subtle Breaking Bad references so you can get your fix.

I think a lot of the current shows and hell, even movies writers out there really need to look at Vince Gilligan’s playbook. Better Call Saul if living proof that Vince Gilligan has this all figured out.

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