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Movie Review: Fate Of The Furious

Updated: May 28, 2019

How in god’s name could they have made an 8th installment? Well, with a budget of 250 million dollars that’s how! The Fate of Furious is the biggest worldwife film opening since 2002. Plus, they raked in 1.163 billion dollars in the states alone. Hot Damn.

“With Dom and Letty married, Brian and Mia retired and the rest of the crew exonerated, the globe-trotting team has found some semblance of a normal life. They soon face an unexpected challenge when a mysterious woman named Cipher forces Dom to betray them all. Now, they must unite to bring home the man who made them a family and stop Cipher from unleashing chaos.”

So we are just going to move on from Paul Walker eh.

Worst story write off, EVER. And here I thought they could have tied this all in that Brian was taken out by some ruthless person which would be bulk of the storyline progression. Nope. It’s about a baby, THAT WE NAME BRIAN. How original. Imagine I didn’t see that coming since the 25 minute mark. Also, remember the time the movie was about racing cars? 1 frickin car race. Just one. And it was so unbelievable and far-fetched that the never-ending runway scene from the 6th film seemed doable. But in this film’s defense, it had more live action scenes that could actually happen in really life (not counting the submarine) and more epic fighting scenes.

But name a movie with Statham and The Rock doing all the fighting that is truly bad. You can’t. They have both made bad films in the past, but when are let off the “no violence” leash on these rabid dogs, the results are extraordinary. However, the story is what really suffered from it. If anything it felt like it was a cloned copy of Life Free and Die Hard with some character swaps and no Bruce Willis. Such a Shame.

Not call bullshit on a movie, but the scene when they are driving away in race cars and Lamborghini’s on the ice, the nuclear sub was keeping chase if not consistently gaining. Did you know the top speed of a Nuclear Submarine if 55PMPH? Let’s not even count the fact it was smashing through thicks levels of ice and destroying things in its path that would have slowed it down. So who did the research for this? And, how do I get this job? I am sure I can put together scenes with my 1980’s Boggle board game set that would be more believable. The shocking part out of all this, it got a 7.1 on IMDB and It was the better of the past few films. Things that make you go hmmm.

All in all. If you like mind-numbing popcorn flicks? Watch this film. But if you want substance, rewatch Logan.

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