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Game Review: Injustice 2

Updated: May 28, 2019

It has been close to 4 years since the release of Injustice. However, on May 16th 2017, Injustice returns but to the Next Gen consoles. And it was quite the homecoming party!

That game literally blew my mind. Also, monumental moment for me, but that was the first time I bought a season pass for any game. In the grand scheme of things was it worth the 40 bucks price tag? Not really. But’s it gave me a reason to pick up the game every month or so to try out the new character or new perks to the system.

Campaign – The story takes on a few years after the ending of the previous injustice. Superman is incarcerated, most of his colleagues are in hiding and Batman is brooding. But this time, the story focusses around the destruction of Krypton. I mean, the person who destroyed Krypton. Good ole Brainiac. Along the his never-ending crusade to find the last Son of krypton so he can learn about how his powers works, we find out that there happens to be a last daughter of Krypton as well, Super girl. Are old Alliances reborn? Or does Bats/Supes have another round? Honestly, I enjoyed the storyline. At some point you got to play all the “main” characters at some point (Sorry Cheetah and Doctor Fate) and they ensured that all playable characters were incorporated at some point. Including the Joker. Of course the story was heavily invested in Batman and Superman, but this time around they made HarleyQuinn and Supergirl key characters as well with the large amount of screen time they got. They also found a way to bring in The Joker. Not ruining that. At certain key points when in pairs, you can chose whomever you want to use which was a nice change. Also, this story has alternate endings so that’s at least 2 play throughs.

Anyone who says this Joker was inspired by Jared Leto’s portrayal can stop being uneducated and pick up a comic book sometime.

The game continues to wow is in gameplay and sheer entertainment. With so many playable options to keep the replay value going for a smidge longer, it’s a nice breath of fresh air. Also, bringing in a prize and RPG system to make it rewarding when you play, definitely keeps the replay factor high. However, that eventually wears on you. Like all typical RPG’s, for your to wear/use a specific item, you have to be that level or higher. For me to wear Joker’s Fedora, I had to be a level 4. In the campaign you never use Joker once. You need to play 4-5 matches to level so, 15-20 matches just to get a frigging hat. Also when you complete campaign mode, you receive epic items. Don’t bother trying to equip them, character has to be borderline maxed out to get it. That was frustrating.

A different type of roster. You had the “main” characters that most people know, but they added in some “B” characters such as Blue Beetle, Doctor Fate, Cheetah, Swamp Thing and etc. Honestly, they were quiet underpowered, However, I found Supergirl who was an addition was completely overpowered this time around. Which leads to the character customization. As I stated earlier, you can earn rewards and customize your fighters. You can either change the colors of the suits or straight up change their costumes. However these changes will affect their abilities and strengths/weaknesses. Another good way to keep people playing but the “grind” is way too long for me. Finally there is a guild option. It literally did nothing for me. Sure, there is bonuses as you go along but not enough to want to play more.

It is a great beat ‘em up game, but the replay value for these types of games are greatly diminished. When the original Mortal Kombat Trilogy had 0 of these options but the replay was extremely high. Why? You weren’t spoiled with additional content or just buying a season pass. You had to work for it.

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