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Game Review: Guardians of The Galaxy: A TellTale Series Episode 1

Updated: May 28, 2019

I stole this from another article, but it’s true to the point. “Less Music, Fewer Laughs, and one very dead Thanos.”

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 being just released, TellTale sneaks this out a few weeks before to get you salivating on the thought of another adventure with your favorite characters. However, there is a lot of pot holes in the road.

I love TellTale games. And it is very rare for me not to enjoy a series except for Borderlands and Game of Thrones. Those were just either too long or junk. But they seemed to have figured out the equation for B2TF, Batman, and all 4 season of the Walking Dead. But with those, they weren’t trying to replicate a movie into their game. They let the game take on its own story and with obvious voice actors who sound nothing like anyone we would ever have in these roles.

With Guardians of the Galaxy, they are trying way too hard to replicate the aura of the first film. Providing a small but same type style music selection, witless humor and literally tried making voice actors act exactly like the real life counterparts from the film. Whomever voices Peter Quill, will never be Chris Pratt. He is a one of a kind type of personality and every time he spoke, I literally cringed. Same with Gamora and Drax. However, Rocket wasn’t that bad. It really felt like after that hundreds of comic books that existed that could help put them into the direction of a good story and more in depth character traits, they essentially cloned the first movie and put a giant hole in Thanos’ chest. “Spoilers.” And where is the bloody humor. I honestly felt like I was stuck at an Amy Schumer comedy special. And that’s bad.

They added in new functionality such as continuing conversations with the supporting characters, a tool that can recreate what happened via pulse/location and yes, you have Starlord rocket boots? I was never really sure what they were. They are cool and all, but I wouldn’t own them. However, there was one specific scene that incredibly annoying where you needed to determine how to open the temple door but recreating the crime scene. Similar annoying gameplay that happened in the Batman series. Sigh. It look 30 minutes to determine what needed to be completed after flying up and down 3 levels of a building and the cursor didn’t highlight the area I needed to go.

Overall, if you are a GOTG fan, you will enjoy the game. But the casual gamer may not.

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