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TV Review: Trailer Park Boys Season 11

Updated: May 28, 2019

So another another season hath arrived and another season hath been watched of good ole’ Trailer Park Boys. Who would have thought that a show of this nature would have legs like this. 11 seasons?! It’s crazy when Firefly gets cancelled before the end of a season and something like Trailer Park Boys gets 11 seasons. I am not hating on Trailer Park Boys but its up into the Supernatural season territory at this point as well. I can’t think of too many non-soap operas that have go more than 10 seasons. The only couple that really are coming to mind are The Simpsons and Family Guy and those are cartoons for christ’s sake.

So this particular season starts off with Ricky and Bubbles are working on a pizza sauce business. A legitimate business I couldn’t believe it. Bubbles gets an offer to buy the recipe but instead decides to be the sole supplier for the local chain. While the kinks are getting worked out Snoop Dogg gets a hold of Ricky and wants him to make a metric shit-ton of weed based energy shots. Julian gives the boys a push to make the deal which would net them around $300,000 and put the legitimate business on hold.

Lahey and Randy are engaged while Randy attempts to join the police force and throughout the season tries to catch the boys in their current scheme-of-the-season. There are a tonne of blunders by the various crew members like Jacob having an allergic reaction and looking similar to a zombie, Corey and Jacob stealing a barrel of bull semen instead of a nutrient for the weed plants, Ricky is shot in the balls by his 3 year old son, Ricky enlists his hockey camp of kids to help with growing and harvest his weed, Lahey gets back on the liquor and the shit-isms become abundant.

Lahey final reveals to Ricky that he is his father after a Star Wars like scene which made me chuckle quite a bit. Later it is revealed that its impossible that Lahey is Ricky’s father based on a blood test and it even reveals that Ray isn’t his father either but they don’t touch on that part of the plot any further. Just goes along with all the other twists and turns and double crosses that happen during the course of the boys and their schemes.

If you are expecting this to be the time that the boys get their big score you won’t be disappointed. They bring back a handful of the guests back (Sam, The Rock Pile, Snoop Dogg) and even introduce a few new ones (Nathan McKinnon, Shamier Anderson). The titles of the episodes are as good as ever and rarely disappoint. Is this the final season? It may very well be there isn’t any news about another season floating around that I can see. I would like to think they would end it on a better note than the ending of this particular season but we shall see in the future.

If you have been following the Trailer Park Boys you know exactly what you are getting into with this season. If you haven’t gotten this far then you should probably catch get the gems of the Netflix seasons. I think the show has been looking great ever since they came aboard and jumped onto the Netflix train, probably one of the best thing that could have happened to the boys.

4 Beards out of 5

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