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Movie Review: Check Point (2017)

Updated: May 28, 2019

‘A sheriff and a vagrant in small-town North Carolina fight back against a terrorist sleeper cell, whose ultimate goal is to take over America.’

Looking at the cast of the film initially Check Point somewhat intrigued me. William Forsythe I always thought was pretty solid, it had Bill Goldberg in the credits as well and of course with his recent return to WWE I figured I would give it a chance. The movie had Tyler Kane who played Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Kane Hodder who donned the mask of Jason Voorhees so overall it looked like it had some promise on the outside and that is pretty much where it ended.

The film is inspired by true events of a group of young individuals who take over a decommissioned battleship in a tourist town and plan to use old Civil War underground tunnels to plan an attack on the White House. Now not to say that this isn't something that is possible upon U.S. soil but how it is presented and portrayed doesn't translate very well in this film. Maybe the fact that this movie reminds me more of a TBS movie of the week in budget isn’t helping matters either.

The beginning of the film actually is scene for scene a replay of what happens later on towards the end of the movie and for about the first 20 or 30 minutes of the movie I was trying to figure out what the hell the plot of the film actually was. By the time they told the story and the plot was laid out it was almost an hour into the flick and I'm now saying to myself ‘Wonderful will we get a rush job to the ending’ to wrap things up and apparently I got my wish.

The final bits of the movie consisted of the main character and his brother, a female army medic and a restaurant owner in a group of 4 tactically assaulting this terrorist cell group on the decommissioned battleship and also at the farm where the underground tunnels started. I think it was some of Goldberg better selling jobs compared to wrestling career especially as of late but I just couldn't help but shake my head at the idea of this group taking on a small militia of a force by themselves until the very end when some of the U.S. Military arrived to save the day.

I would recommend that you save yourself the time and just avoid this film in the first place. Save your 90 minutes and re-watch something that you know you will enjoy otherwise some of you may be tempted to just turn it off in the first place. I know sometimes these movies that Todd or I watch are pretty rough and I am pretty sure I took one for the team actually playing this from start to finish. I wonder now which would have won in a heads up battle versus Manos: The Hands of Fate but I can’t bring myself to watch that film either.

1 Beard out of 5

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