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Movie Review: Fist Fight

Updated: May 28, 2019

I typically don’t care for the new age comedic films. 1 reason because I will always feel the 80’s set the bar too high and secondly, it feels like they try way too hard to get a laugh. I am a fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Charlie Day and Ice Cube, do I need to say more? My friend tends to give all these movies a chance so I decided to tag along.

The film takes place at the last day of high school. At the height where most outrageous high school pranks are done by the seniors and the faculty can’t really do anything about it. Charlie Day plays an English teacher Andy Campbell, who is stressed out that the school might be doing some cut backs and he could be losing his job. Ice Cube plays the exact opposite to Charlie Day, a no-nonsense History teacher named Strickland, that literally scares the crap out of kids and the faculty. There was rumors in the school that he used to be a gangster, a hitman, a marine and other terrifying things because of demeanor and overall scary presence. With additional actors such as the beautiful Christina Hendricks(Madmen), Dean Norris(Breaking Bad) and Tracey Morgan(30 rock), the film was set up for success.

The school has let the lunatics run the asylum due to poor funding and generally not caring, so a typical day at the school was walking through a minefield of pranks and bodily harm for the faculty. After being saved by one of these pranks by Strickland, Andy offers to help him with his DVD player that was malfunctioning. It was quickly apparently that it was one of the students playing a prank on Ice Cube which causes him to go haywire and attack the student with a fire axe.

After Andy wouldn’t cover for Strickland, Strickland told him it would be settled in a fist fight after school. So the better part of the film was Andy trying to get out of fighting Strickland or trying to stop the Guidance Counsellor from doing drugs or sleeping with minors. Whether if it was bribing the kid that Strickland attacked with apple products, planting drugs on Strickland and really over the top antics. The film delivered will into the second half of the runtime as we saw Andy literally take a beating from a runaway horse on drugs. And yes, the fight actually happens.

I mean, the film was funny, but Charlie Day plays the same type of character all the time. I literally see the same character in every role he does, whereas, I am shocked to be saying this, Ice Cube has range and can multiple types of roles. I would catch the film on Netflix if I was bored again, but it wasn’t worth a trip to the threaten.

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