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Movie Review: Justice League Dark

Updated: May 28, 2019

WB Animated returns with the long waited adaption to the popular comic series, Justice League Dark. I literally went into this movie cold so it could have went either way.

All over the world, people suddenly begin panicking as they start to see everyone around them as demonic monsters and end up killing a good number of innocents before the members of the Justice League can stop them. Deliberating about this strange outbreak, most of the League's members come to the conclusion that magic must be involved in this. Despite his own past experiences with magic, Batman(Jason O'Mara) expresses his skepticism and walks out; but as he returns to Wayne Manor to rest, he is temporarily possessed by Deadman, before he regains consciousness and finds the word "Constantine" written all over the walls.

Batman visits the magician Zatanna(Camilla Luddington) after one of her performances and begins to ask about Constantine, with whom Zatanna had a disappointing romantic history. Deadman(Nicholas Turturro) possesses Batman once again and tells Zatanna she needs to bring Batman to John. Then eventually meet up with John Constantine(Matt Ryan) they convinced John to help them, but they needed to obtain the Keshanti Key from Ritchie Simpson(Jeremy Davies) to help in determining what is causing these supernatural occurrences. Along the way, you see a lot of familiar characters such as Superman(Jerry O'Connell), WonderWoman(Rosario Dawson), Swamp Thing(Roger Cross), Destiny(Alfred Molina) and others.

Honestly the film was not that bad at all. But, it felt like a Batman film with Constantine playing the role of a really stubborn Robin. Tough thing to say, but I felt like this film could have been better with more Constantine and very little Batman. Especially since it was Constantine that lost his TV show recently, irregardless that Matt Ryan was a perfect fit or not.

Like I said, it was not a bad film, but in the ranking compared to the other DC animated films, it ranked very low. But, how can you even touch Flashpoint or even Dark Knight returns? Hopefully the Constantine animated series will be more interesting to watch.

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