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Game Review: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Episode 2 – "Ties That Bind - Part II"

Updated: May 28, 2019

Well aren't we a special brand of people. They released the first 2 episodes at the same time.

Ties That Bind Part II starts with a bang, following a intense ending of Part I. There are instant decisions to be made, and this really pays off as a player. If you are playing both episodes one and two directly after each other, as I did – and how it feels that Telltale intends them to be played – you don’t get dragged into a drop of pace that comes from starting a new episode.

There’s a shift of tempo from the events that initially unfolded, and it’s extremely effective in allowing you to contemplate what has happened and what matters to you. From start to finish, the pacing in Ties That Bind Part II is excellent. You are always given the right amount of time to dwell on the events surrounding you before being snatched away into the next dramatic scene. You never feel rushed, giving time for the narrative to be framed well, allowing you to really get immersed into drama and horror of the post-apocalyptic world you’re thrust into. Throughout the episode, the threat and identity of the group known as the New Frontier(aka knock off Saviors), introduced in the first episode, that is lurking in the shadows. The idea of fighting against a whole production line of people really works to build the fear into you; walkers are no longer the main threat in this world. But let's be honest, and hope you have seen a few zombie movies. These type of "factions" always happen. Some, that are willing to help and others to be only out for themselves. Now, the idea of these factions occurring in the Tell Tale Franchise has been flirted with over the past 2 seasons but nothing came to full "Negan" style fruition. Could this be Tell Tale's version of the Saviors?

Well, with Lee out of the picture(who was a moral compass) and Clementine is now a full fledged killing machine, that leaves Javier to guide the ship through this zombie hurricane of a story. Watch what happens in episode 2 below:

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