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Movie Review: Logan

Updated: May 28, 2019

This is not a spoiler free review. So, if you haven’t seen the film yet, stop ready now. Seriously, If I see you bitched about the fact this movie was somewhat ruined, I will show up to your house with a pillowcase full of knobs. Then, I will repeatedly beat the stupidity out of you. No joke. And don’t bring your kids to this movie. Idiots.

So the Swan Song for the most popular X-Men of all time has finally be released and on top of it, as a Rated R film. Directed by the amazing James ManGold, Logan breaks away from the traditional shooting style of most Marvel Comic films and comes in with a gritty/dark shooting style that you would only see in a hardcore action film. For instance, John Wick.

The year is 2029, many of the mutants have been hunted down and exterminated. However Logan has survived and successfully hidden Charles Xavier from the world for years. The story indicates that Charles may have some type of degenerative brain disease and many years in Manchester, he was unable to control his powers and caused a disaster. That is really the furthest the story dives into for that, but Logan keeps Charles doped on on medication so his powers are unusable. Logan’s powers on the other hand, are weakening and we are subjected to a dying Wolverine with aspirations of buying a boat to sail away with Professor X. With the help of Caliban, a mutant that has the ability to hunt mutants(which clearly retired from that line of work), they were able to keep Prof hidden from the world.

However, working as a limo driver does really pay the bills and it wasn’t until a woman named Gabrielle with an odd child comes into his life with a ton of cash where his luck changes. So he thought. During this story which is clearly evident, the little girl is a clone/daughter of Wolverine named X-23. However a company called Transigen who produced these clones(Including X-24), wanted X-23 back to be destroyed, so they send countless amount of Merc’s after Logan and X-23. What happens? Well a hint would be Rippa Rippa Ra? Marvel vs Capcom reference.

I am very happy that this film was Rated R. It really showcases the actual brutality that occurs in the comics with Wolverine, especially the Old Man Logan series. I personally started reading Old Man Logan last year which has been quite a journey. The film did not shy away from any type of extreme gore and we finally got to see the damage that adamantium claws could do. Whether if it was chopping off arms, legs, heads, or straight up murdering the person through the skull, that person was dying. Also, X-23 got show a more animalistic side as she literally becomes everyone’s nightmare with her acrobatics, skill and lethal attacks.

We got to see a very humanized version of the great Wolverine in so many different aspects. Whether if it was guilt(Jean), addiction(Booze), depression(Last X-men alive) and even with his own mortality(Death). When people think of old Wolvie, they think of a animalistic killing machine that just won’t die. But, Hugh Jackman portrayed a version of Logan that not many people have never seen this before, unless they read a comic or 2. In this story, Logan was looking for a place to die. If Hugh Jackman does not get an award for his final portrayal of Logan, I will literally set the record for most tables flipped in a short pweriod of time.

The casting for this entire fit perfectly. Ranging from the final appearance of Patrick Stewart as Professor X to a slight cameo from ER’s Eriq La Salle. It was nice to see Dr. Benton on some type of stage again. Even though if it was a small role. There was a lot of non-important characters thrown into the mix to fill the back drop of the story and hell, there was even a ton of answered questions. But once the movie concluded, whether or not if there was unanswered questions, you left the movie in peace.

Thank you Hugh Jackman and we hope Wolvie enjoys his retirement from the big screen. Unless he comes back for a cameo for Deadpool. No one would be upset about that, including me. Make sure you go to the movie early because Deadpool stops by!

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