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Movie Review: Unfinished Business

Updated: May 28, 2019

I honestly do not know why I watched this film. Maybe it was because of how good the Internship was and I figured maybe I wasn't giving Vince Vaughn a good chance. Whoops.

After an argument with his boss Chuck Portnoy (Sienna Miller) of Dynamic Systems, Dan Trunkman (Vince Vaughn) decides to leave and start his own business. Only Tim McWinters (Tom Wilkinson) and Mike Pancake (Dave Franco) follow Dan. A year later, Dan's business, Apex Select, has barely gotten off the ground. In a Dunkin' Donuts, Dan gets a message to go on a business trip to Portland to meet with investors Jim Spinch (James Marsden) and Bill Whilmsley (Nick Frost), the latter being a friend of Dan's.

At home, Dan's kids Paul (Britton Sear) and Bess (Ella Anderson) are being bullied at school. Paul is ridiculed for his weight and attempts to wear eye shadow to fit in with the goth kids. Bess asks Dan to finish a homework assignment of hers that requires him to describe the kind of person he is. Dan's wife, Susan (June Diane Raphael), wants to put Paul in a private school, despite the pricey tuition, to bring him out of his shell.

The three head to Portland, only for Dan to discover that Chuck is there trying to close a deal as well. She and Jim get along well, have worked together before and it appears as though she's been given the go ahead. Dan gives his presentation to Jim, only to faint in the middle of it. He makes Mike go finish, but everyone is distracted by Mike's last name. This forces Dan to scramble and find a way to get a step ahead of Chuck. Dan starts to lose faith in the team, as Tim is more concerned about finding a woman to make love with due to an unhappy marriage, and Mike never attended college while possibly being autistic. And the story of the trio trying to land this deal begins in complete Vince Vaughn film fashion.

What does that mean? Well, it is the typical formula in all of Vince Vaughn's films:

1) Vince has an idea or a drive to do something

2)Team gets let down or suffers a huge loss

3)The get completely wasted most likely end up with strippers or something that revolves around sex and tons of drugs

4) Vince Vaughn's character gives up and leaves the team(varies)

5) Vince Vaughn is able to land the deal after all odds against

6) everyone is happy in the end

I know some people calls bullshit on this. But watch his last 4 comedic films and the formula works! Which is odd because he even makes the same joke about Private Dancer in most of his roles/films. Did Hollywood just attached him to what they think is a winning model and run with it? I am not 100% knocking the model but unfinished business is like an constipated crap. You are left with cramps, possibly dizziness and praying for it all to end.

Pass the film with great prejudice.

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