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3 seasons later, is Jerome the Joker?

So a lot of people may take this as a fanboy crush, maybe it is, but Jerome is literally propelling Gotham to heights that I thought was not achievable.

When I first saw Cameron Monaghan, I was not convinced he would be good as the Joker. He appears in the episode in season 1 called "The Blind Fortune Teller," which teases the idea that he is the Joker, but it is not until season 2 during the "Rise of the Villains" is where Cameron really showed us quite the performance. However, like television, just when he was making great headway, the Joker was killed.

But, like a bad rash, Jerome is resurrected to reign horror on to the city of Gotham. One could say that this is a great in depth origins story of Joker. However, FOX has been smart with this character. They know that the "fanboys" will be super critical. I know. Because I am one of them. I wouldn't call myself an expert or anything but I will call "bullshit" if I see something they should have not done. Which leads me to Season 3.

We are introduced to a resurrected Jerome. But one problem, he is missing his face. When one of followers could not resurrect Jerome, he became desperate and decided to skin Jerome so he can wear his face. What was awesome about it, was Dwight who tried to resurrect Jerome, was also in the movie The Dark Knight. He played the Joker's henchman in the mayor shooting scene and was the one who was interrogated by Harvey Dent.

Also in season 3, there was a ton of nods to previous versions of the Joker. Both in film and comic. For example, Cameron newly transferred face was inspired by the DC52 run of Batman in the comics. Also, Cameron portrayal is a mixture of Mark Hamill's voice acting of the Joker and mannerism's drive from Heather Ledgers version. Also nods the Arkham Video Game series and even the infamous battle in the comic book The Dark Knight Returns that takes place at the circus.

Move over Arrow and Flash, Gotham wants to be the king of DCU TV. I wont complain if it does.

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