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Movie Review: The Lego Batman Movie

Updated: May 28, 2019

The Batman film that literally devastated Batman V Superman’s ratings delivers a comedic take of stop motion animation. But does The Dark Knight keep enforce justice in a Lego world?

Will Arnett reprises his role as the Batman, but in his own movie. I walked into this film wondering how they are able to justify a Lego Batman movie. I am aware of the success that the “Lego Movie” has done. But, I was very skeptical, mainly because I didn’t think the Lego Movie was that great at all. The comedy was engineered at both audiences being young and adult. Jokes that only the adults will get whereas some of the jokes were reduced to PG13 so the kids will get it. But I did enjoy seeing stop animation again. Most of it was done via graphic design and such, but it’s nice to see the old ways still being used.

One thing I really did enjoy was the throwback references to all the Batman lore. The constant references to the previous Batman films to get that nostalgic feeling from the audience was great. It really made Lego Batman feel a part of the DC family instead of going into this alone. Ultimately they start their own origins story for the dynamic duo that we really didn’t know we wanted to see but they made it humorous at least. However, they really took Batman’s attitude and brooding to a whole new level. Understanding that are trying to attract a younger audience, but Batman would never become egotistical and act a superstar. He actually loathes being in the public spotlight and will do anything to dodge it. But I am saying that like a fan of the character. The film boasts a lot of known actors such as Rosario Dawson who plays Barb Gordon, Mike Cera as Robin but how in the blue hell could you justify Zach G as the Joker? What a huge miss on the acting selection there. With all the people they could have used(Mark Hamill, Troy Baker?) they used a failing comedian whose one hit was repeated 2 more times in the hopes he gets over? Boo. Like seriously bourns.

The nitty gritty of the story is that the Joker feels neglected by Batman because Batman does not hate him nor accepts him as an arch nemesis. So he hands himself over to the cops so he is jailed to teach Batman a lesson. Um, ok. Moving on. So then Batman comes up with the idea of getting the ray gun that sends people to the Phantom Zone where Superman sent Zod so he can look good in front everyone again and be popular. Unfortunately after he sends Joker to the Phantom Zone, Joker convinces all the villains from all the geek fandoms(even Daleks from Doctor Who) to come back to Earth to destroy Batman and Gotham City. But the film delivers some interesting positive messages to young kids which includes teamwork. I don’t want to spoil too much.

Overall, this is not a film to pay for price for as adults. It’s one thing if you are taking your kids, but definitely a film I wouldn’t pay for price for again. Oh, and there is a Lego Ninja Movie coming. Yay.

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