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Movie Review: John Wick 2

Updated: May 28, 2019

A sequel to a film that no one existed for quite some time. John Wick had little advertisement but it wasn’t until VOD when people came across this gem of violence, vengeance and the ultimate dog lover story. Also, it is what one critic called it, “ A film of Gun Porn.”

OK, maybe the last part was a stretch, but still, to seek vengeance because someone took the life of a family member, especially since it was a dog, was a fresh start. I recall writing the review for the first film and being complete blown away from the film. So how does the sequel top the first? Make it more of a top but still slightly realistic. Also, increase the body count, by a lot.

Keanu Reeves reprises the role of the greatest hit man known to man, John Wick. The film taking place maybe even mere minutes after the first film concluding, you see John trying to finish what he started. He wiped out the majority of the Russian Mob, got vengeance for the death of his dog, got a new dog that he doesn’t name, and now was picking up his Mustang that was stolen from him in the first film. After successful forcing a “peace” with the remainder of the Russian Mob(mainly by murdering 99% of the members), John takes what’s left of his mustang and heads home. Once he gets home, he sends off his car to be repaired, buries all of his guns and his infamous suit so he can finally have peace. Until the doorbell rings.

He is called upon by Santino D'Antonio(Riccardo Scamarcio) who was a friend from his past, who tries to cash in a blood oath marker. This oath is not negotiable and he must fulfill the request of the person who made the pact with. However, John tired and wanting peace, declines to fulfill the pact. Which in turn, the Santino with the help of a mute Ruby Rose, blows up his house with an RPG. A little extreme, but I guess he wanted to get the point across. Without giving away the story too much, Wick finally agrees to fulfill the blood oath only to be double crossed. That was the only thing about this film that irked me, Fingers Malone here knows John’s reputation and not even 24 hours after John wiped out the Russian Mob he decides to screw him over? Not a smart plan no? Guy is already having a bad day so why make it worse? Major positive point, they go in depth with the order of the Hitmen that John is a found member of. This plays a huge role in clearly the upcoming sequel to John Wick.

Overall, when you watch this film, keep in mind that this is an action film. I am not sure why there was a negative review about the gun violence calling it gun porn. This isn’t the film Shoot Em Up whereas it was mindless killing. The story, being a loose one, was still a good story. Sorry it was violent, maybe you should watch La La Land with 2 actors that absolutely hate each other in real life. Dimwit.

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