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TV Review: Santa Clarita Diet

Updated: May 28, 2019

On February 3rd, Santa Clarita Diet's first season was released onto Netflix

The show follows the Hammond family. Typical creepy, happy and shiny people. The story follows Joel(Timothy Olyphant) and Sheila Hammond(Drew Barrymore) who are both successful realtors. But they also act super positive and borderline fake whenever they talk to anyone. They have a daughter named Abby(Liv Hewson) who is nothing like them whatsoever and is enjoying the life of being a typical teenage girl.

In the first episode you are introduced to a large range of supporting actors. The family resides between 2 cops who have constant animosity for each other, a cheating wife to Dan sheriff, and a teenager named Eric(Skyler Gisondo) who is a geek and has a huge crush on Abby. Also the day before everything happens, a new realtor named Gary(Nathan Fillion) is introduced to Sheila. Gary becomes very interested in Sheila. These characters end up having huge roles in the days after Sheila changes.

So let's get to that. The next day, Sheila changes. Why? We don't know. And for the whole season, the reason why or how she become an undead person was left a mystery. It was as if, there was no reason and the writers had no idea where to go with it. Anyways, she pukes up a little red ball and then literally pukes up a few gallons of vomit. How is that humanly possible? I am not 100% sure on that one. Later in the day she feels better but she now appears to be different. First she realizes she has no heartbeat and then her attitude begins to change.

Gone is the happy shiny Sheila and now the blunt straightforward Sheila is born. Not necessarily a bad thing, but her advice with the new found attitude leads to some negative impacts on the supporting characters. At first, raw meat seemed to feed her hunger, but after she ate Gary because he was kinda forcing himself onto her, everything changed. Joel, being extremely and strangely accepting of her new eating habits, helped cover it up. But their paranoid Sheriff neighbor Dan, noticed they were acting odd and starts his own investigation.

The season provides ten 30 minute episodes which feels perfect. Not because I binged the show in one day, but I feel if the episodes were greater, it would to have lead it to be dragging on. The story was fresh and was great to see Drew and Tim in different roles they have never done before. The only complaint that I have seen about the show is the gore and complete graphicness. Noted. There was a few times that even I was a tad urked. But the humor and the odd twists in the story kept me interested. You should be binging this now!

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