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TV Review: Powerless

Updated: May 28, 2019

I was really excited for this show. Whenever a new DC show comes out, further drives another nail in the coffin of the MCU TV shows that are not on Netflix. But unfortunately, that was not the case.

Emily Locke(Vanessa Hudgens) is hired as the new R&D director at Wayne Security in Charm City, but finds the staff unmotivated and her boss and the head of the company, Van Wayne(Alan Tudyk), only looking to move up the corporate ladder. Van announces that his cousin Bruce Wayne is going to shut down the company if they don't make effective products. However, Van wants his company to fail so that he can leave Charm City in hopes to move back to Gotham City, and thus makes no attempt to save it.

Under Emily's leadership, the R&D develops a wrist-worn super villain detector that alerts wearer when one is nearby and saves the company. This forces Van to remain in Charm City out of his obligations towards his company and causes him to dislike Emily. Later, news reports give an account from Gotham City, that the vigilante Batman uses this new device (but it hasn't been mass produced to the public yet) to locate his arch-nemesis, the Joker, and helps the city's police to apprehend him.

Now, it is very hard for me to say anything negative with Alan Tudyk in it. But this show felt like all the characters were not properly selected. For example, Ron Funches? That dude is funny. But in this show, his comedy was muted and he was more of a punchline guy. Why neuter his comedy? Also, the whole episode felt very dry and not engaging whatsoever.

Plus, Emily Locke's character was not interesting whatsoever. I did not find her story line angle appealing nor anything she said valuable. By the halfway point of the episode I was completely checked out. Understanding there was a few nods to the DCU(Adam West as the narrator) which was great and all, but I will say this to Powerless.

Try Harder next time.

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