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Movie Review: The Last Jedi

Updated: May 28, 2019

I can see the beginning of the traditional scroll in my mind.

Rey has arrived at the secret Jedi planet known as Ireland, with the light saber that was calling to Luke. Was it calling? Or plotting. That was Vaders light saber, passed from Obi Wan Kenobi to Luke, passed to goggles lady, and then on to Rey.

But why the visions?

Some fan theories suggest that Rey is Skywalkers kid. Other theories suggest that Rey may be a clone. But. that is the beauty of the Star Wars universe. The fandom debating back and forth on what really is happening or has happened makes the final product that more desirable. But now we are teased with "The Last Jedi" Written in red.

Why is it red?

That is the colour of Sith weapon.

Why would they do this? Does it mean anything? Who is the last Jedi? Is it Luke? But certainly Rey has force powers, so could it be her? But then what happens to Luke? Does he die? And what about that little guy Snoke. Is he Sith? Or a dark Jedi? Dammit, I almost forgot about Kylo. How is he involved in this? Is Snoke actually Mace Windu? Or has the puppet master been all along the genius and supreme being Jar Jar Binks?

All of these thoughts, creating more questions, all due to three words. The Last Jedi.

I guess we won't find this out until December, or unless there is a leak. (That I am hoping does not happen) But until then we can fanboy out, and create our vision of what episode 8 will be about. With that, here is the Italian Jedi vision of Star Wars Episode 8. The Last Jedi

Rey arrives on the secret Jedi planet with the light saber, and quicker than Goldberg spearing Lestner, blamo. Rey goes full Kylo. You see the blue tip of an elegant weapon come out the back of bearded Luke. But then how can this be the last Jedi? Rey can not be a Jedi after doing this. This is because Rey is a clone of Palpantine, and pure evil. She just finally realizes this and is pissed off for being left alone on a desert planet. But while this is all happening, Kylo Ren feels bad about what he has done and goes back to being Ben Solo. Ben devotes himself to becoming a true Jedi, and bringing peace to the Galaxy and balance to the force. This however upsets the supreme leader Snoke, who after years in hiding reveals himself. Rey will now be trained in the ways of the Sith which has been her calling all along. Orchestrated by the supreme all powerful Jar Jar Binks. And now we have.......The rule of two. The word last means only one. Solo, is another word for single and or one. And Ben Solo has force powers and was trained by Luke.

So, Solo = one.One = last. So here we have...

The Last Jedi...Ben Solo

I can hear the voice on my head saying .... Meesa going to watch episode 1, anda see howsa badass Jar Jar really isa.

Any thoughts? Twitter me this Batman @danitalianjedi

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