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The Rated R Wolverine film we wanted

Updated: May 28, 2019

Never in 14646465145615656416 years, did I ever think that the kid friendly Marvel gloves would come off and we would see Logan in his full bloody fury. First off, we need to thank Ryan Reynolds and the Dead pool team. Let's be honest, it was because the major success because it was Rated R and even after it took a huge hit to production because FOX didn't believe in it.

And here we are. Months away from the last Wolverine film. I find it quite sad in away because, it wasn't till the last one is where they decided to go Rated R. It feels like FOX is giving that cheap gold watch that people would get when they retire from a logn career. However, the gold watch is a gory, adamantium covered, old Logan who is looking for a place in his world. But now finding out his has a daughter(X-23), his outlook seems to change a little.

If only FOX took the chance earlier, we could have seen some amazing stories that has been told throughout decades of comics, but they wanted to play it safe. However, I am curious why they finally caved in. Was it because Jackman said this was his last? Because they are completely rebooting the franchise? I will stay to my original opinion and say it was because of the $$ that Deadpool made on such a small budget.

But if you havent seen the new Rated R trailer yet and I suggest you watch it.

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