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A Power Rangers Rant

I’ll start this off, with so many words. I got so annoyed, I wrote a rant. Love the originals, the reboot is dumb. Yeah, I started it off to the tune of On a Plain by Nirvana. Why? I am actually not sure but it was fitting. Awhile back, I wrote a rant about why reboots needs to stop. This isn’t a reboot rant, just a very disappointed fan of the new Power Rangers rant. Tell me how you truly feel.

Why this film was even being made is beyond me. Clearly it’s a big push by Saban to get MMPR back into the toy market. Makes sense because I am sure MMPR grossed a lot of money back in the hay day. But there has been so many evolution's of the Power Rangers in the last 2 decades, rebooting the entire franchise would be Ludicrous. What could they bring to the table that hasn’t been done hundreds of times before? Sure the technology with CGI and etc has greatly improved but how can you replace the original teams.

Where to start. The first teaser trailer they showed was not impressive at all. My biggest rant is why teenagers have explosives to blow up a cave? Anyone? Why do they even have access to this. And the film looked like a very generic SuperHero film. So I didn’t want to pass judgement quite yet. So I wanted until the second trailer released on 01/19/17.

What in the Holy hell did I just watch? First off, I don’t have films because I think they will “ruin my childhood.” I hate people that reboot films because they don’t have their own imagination to make their own. Remember TMNT? Both of Michael Bay’s films were a mind numbing popcorn flicks, but they weren’t any good at all. Nor was Transformers. Both franchises lost their way and completely altered the respected universes where they came from. Not to say there wasn’t any good parts in it and they didn’t gross a ton of cash, but for a fan of the franchises, they were flops.

After watching this trailer, I wanted to gouge out my eyes with a rusted spoon(because it would hurt more) because it literally dropped my intelligence down 5 – 10 IQ points. The original MMPR show wasn’t the greatest but it kept you interested but staying true the concept of the show. There was so many things wrong with this trailer. It felt like an episode of Dawson’s Creek(as per Mountain Man, Joey’s hot) had a love child with Iron Man. The Mark II series, so it’s a tad outdated. And they took the monster Goldar too literally. A literal… Giant… Gold… Monster. Swing and a miss? Rita Repulsa design is very different from the original. Makes me question if the designer was a huge fan of poison ivy and metallic armor.


Zordon and Alpha are simply a mess. Zordon design is completely different than the original which honestly I don’t care for whatsoever and Alpha looks like a sexbot from a bad 80’s B-rated film. Honestly, it doesn’t even feel like they even tried for this film at all. They just shot some random “teen” moments and threw in a couple of monsters with kids in Iron Man suits and said TADAAAAAAA!

*explosion* POWER RANGERS..

Time to pick up drinking as a full time job. Thanks Saban.

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