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TV Review: Westworld

Updated: May 28, 2019

Another theme park created by the late, Michael Crichton has been brought to life. This time, the park is not full of dinosaurs nor is there Jeff Goldblum looking a big pile of crap. This time, the park takes place in the Wild West and the hosts are an interesting type of android. Topped off with an excellent cast, WestWorld graces the small screen with the power of a feature picture. But 10 episodes, does it hold water?

I had a lot of colleagues rant and rave about how amazing this show was. But it wasn’t until I listened to an episode of Fatman on Batman with Kevin Smith, is when it really intrigued me. I never base my decisions on what Kevin Smith, but how he reacts to it. If he gets super excited about a show or a movie, it tends to be a very solid watch. Being as which he sound

the review prior to this one to ensure I was not familiar with anything so I could be surprised. Hell, all I knew was that Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins was in it.

WestWorld has some amazing writing. Who is Arnold? Who is the Man in Black? Stories constantly twisting and restarting with slight changes or additions. Constantly cycling new characters or even replacing them. Just when you thought you understood the maze, quickly the path is changed. But none of it was confusing. Inception tried this type of storytelling with the dream inside a dream inside another dream paths which became so confusing and hard to follow. What I knew for sure, is that Robert Ford(Anthony Hopkins) was 1 of the 2 people who created the Androids within WestWorld and that he had no specific alignment to good or evil. But his partner Arnold mysteriously died? The character constantly tries to unfold how/why this Arnold died but yet manages to cover it up with a new story path which takes your attention.

The acting of the show was stellar as well. Bringing in James Marsden(Cyclops from Xmen) as Teddy Flood, Jeffrey Wright(Casino Royale) as Bernard Lowe, Luke Hemsworth(The 3rd Hemsworth I didn’t know existed) as Ashley Stubbs, Thandie Netwon(Chronicles of Riddick) as Maeve Millay, Ed Harris(History of Violence) as The Man in Black and Evan Rachel Wood(The Wrestler) who plays the beautiful Dolores. There is so many more actors but these are the main paths to the infamous maze of the story.

Notice I didn’t talk about the story much? It would be hard to explain it in full detail because there is so many moving parts of the show. But if HBO is making WestWorld to replace GoT, it’s a safe bet.

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