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Saying Goodbye to 2016

I think is the first time ever in history that an actual year, was blamed for the death of many celebrities. But it appears all of these people that have meant so much to us over the years were called home.

But at least we can sigh some relief that it is over. But is it? I don’t blame the year for the deaths that happened this year. Hell, 2015 had a ton of celebrity deaths which included the late, great Leonard Nimoy and of course, Lemmy. The different between the 2 years, more WELL KNOWN and celebrities that most of us have grown up with, has passed. Also, there was that Gorilla that Harambe that people are still extremely infatuated over. But I am talking about Mrs. Brady to Princess Leia to Hans Gruber who was tossed off Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve. Kids from the 80’s/90’s grew up with these actors/musicians/wrestlers in their lives and now, starting to feel like they are just slowly being taken out, one by one.

People that I knew of but I am sure there is more(Technically Lemmy was the tail end of 2015). But these are the people who passed on that I pay tribute to.


David Bowie - Singer

Alan Rickman – Actor – Die Hard

Glen Frey – Singer - Eagles

February –

Frank Ted – Actor – Father Ted


Joanie Laurer aka Chyna – wrestler

Prince – Singer


John Berry – singer – Beastie Boys


Muhammed Ali – Boxer

Anton Yelchin – Actor – Star Trek


Kenny Baker – Actor – R2D2 from Star Wars

Gene Wilder – Comedian/Actor, known for his role Willy Wonka


Arnold Palmer – Golfer

November –

Leonard Cohen – singer

Ron Glass – actor – Shepard from Firefly

December –

Peter Vaughan – actor – Game Of Thrones

George Michael – Singer

Carrie Fisher – actor – Princess Leia

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