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Looking back at: No Holds Barred

I am sure a lot of people would fight me on this, but this is a classic. One of the many Hulk Hogan films to come out in the 80's. I remember watching this film as a kid and being a HUGE wrestling fan, the film blew my fragile mind. But does it still wow people?

Once I realized that Mark Pellegrino was in this film, I had a good laugh. Mark has played in many different shows, but he is known to most right now as Lucifer in Supernatural. In my defense, i bought this film a decade ago and watched it today. I forgot I had it. The film was produced by WWE Films aka Vince McMahon, so it had a lot of the WWE known personalities in it such as The Fink, Mean Gene and of course Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Kids these days will not know them as they have retired long ago but it was nice to see.

The film is about a character named Rip played by Hulk Hogan who is the current WWE champion. He is main eventing pay per views and is currently the huge star on cable. A scrupulous CEO of the World Television Network named Brell(Kurt Fuller) who wants Rip on his failing network. With his stooges Ordway(Charles Levin) and Unger(David Paymer) they make attempt to buy Rip into their network but fail miserably. So they decide to goto a dive bar that has an Octagon Shaped wrestlign ring and there, they were inspired to start a Battle Royal called "The Battle of the Tough Guys." The winner of the tournament would win 100k. It appears it only attracted people with eye patches, truck drivers and a guy with the longest airpit hair you have ever seen.

During the tournament a monster named Zeus( Tommy "Tiny" Lister) appears and decimated all of the competition. He quickly becomes Brell's champion and they start their journey to get Rip to fight him for ratings. Rip currently being supported by his training coach I think, his brother Randy(Pellegrino) and his new agent/love interest Sam(Joane Severance). However, Brell uses Zeus to attack all of Rip's support structure to motivate him to do battle on the WTN pay per view. Yes, because that would actually happen. The film depicts tons of violence, attempted rape and death. No joke. Plus, Zeus cant wrestle for shit. They even tried to bring him into the WWE in real life and stuck up the joint.

When I was kid, I only thing I saw, was the ultimate battle of Good vs Evil. Now, I kinda wish I didn't watch it again. Now it feels tainted. But I dont blame the film, I blame current society standards. But I will always suggest people watch this gem, regardless of what society tells us.

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