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TV Review: Doctor Who - Return of Doctor Mysterio

Updated: May 28, 2019

Say what you want about Capaldi being the doctor, but I will always think he is brilliant. Within in the last few years, I became a full-fledged Whovian as Eccleston was my first Doctor. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into the Smith or Tennant Doctor’s so, it was until Capaldi came in and really intrigued me to keep watching the series.

Last year, we said good bye to the infamous, Riversong, in the tear jerker Xmas special called, “ The Husbands of River Song.” This would play into the ending of the episode which I will mention shortly. Yes, Moffat went after the feels so to speak.

Of course, the Doctor was up to his antics making his version of a “Xmas Tree” of sorts when he fell victim to one of his traps. This lead him to meeting a young boy named Grant, who was obsessed with comic books. Grant, being a young child, idolized many superheroes and aspired to be one. Now this would never happen, unless he swallowed a Red Gemstone that the Doctor asked him to hold on to. This provided Grant Super Hero like powers. However, The Doctor thought the Red Gemstone would pass, but unfortunately after a while, the gemstone bonded with Grant’s DNA and made the powers permanent. He promised the Doctor he would never use the powers. Yea, that’s believable.

24 years go by and the Doctor returns to investigate a company that was kidnapping and removing the brains of high level CEO’s to further their plans of world domination. He meets up with a reporter that was also investigating the strange occurrences. During an attempt to stop them, the Doctor was cornered until a SuperHero named Ghost. The Doctor quickly realizes that it is Grant under the Mask and suit and reminds him of the promise he made. But was Ghost able to stop the body Snatchers? That part I am not ruining for you. Better watch the episode J

This year, we knew going into it, that the new companion could be mentioned. But this episode made the new companion more of an afterthought and focused on the Doctor’s pain of possibly never seeing RiverSong again. Moffat makes you feel the Doctor’s pain in ways you thought were not possible. Still reeling from the pain of Riversong and now, Clara, The Doctor is filled with a rage that comes out at the end of the episode. All you can do is feel pity for the Doctor, as he is stuck in a bad country song about pain and despair.

With this being Moffat’s and possibly Capaldi’s season, its makes you wonder if the Doctor will find closure in time?

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